6 Tips To Retain Your Car’s Value Over Time

The value of a car can either go up or down over time. However, no single factor can make a vehicle lose or keep its resale value. Various things align to make or break a car’s value. Due to this reason, car owners should always think about properly maintaining their vehicle to keep it in its pristine state at all times.

Working with a highly skilled mechanic will make it easier for the vehicle to retain its value. These professionals have the know-how on best keeping a vehicle in its best condition to keep its value as time goes by. A competent Northern Beaches mechanic will ensure that each vehicle component functions properly.

Factors Affecting a Car’s Value

6 Tips To Retain Your Cars Value Over TimeMileage, the vehicle’s condition, the colour of the car and the owner’s location all come into play when determining the resale value. Mileage and condition significantly dictate the resale value of a car. A higher mileage guarantees that a car has been subjected to wear and tear. But the car’s condition can make up for the higher mileage. Car owners must take extra care in keeping their vehicle, especially its body, free of scratches and dents. 

The aforementioned factors, and at times plus more, significantly dictate whether the appreciation of the car will go up or down. However, a car owner has the upper hand in ensuring that the resale value of a car remains at a desirable level. Caution and regular maintenance can go a long way in ensuring the car’s pristine condition.

How to Retain a Car’s Value?

Like some things, a car’s value depreciates as time goes by. However, there are things owners can do to prevent the spiral of their investment. These things can help increase or, at least, keep the value of the car when reselling it. Here are some ways to retain the value of a vehicle:

  • Keep all documentation and receipts – Key documents related to the vehicle, the car manual, purchase receipts and title are some things in need of safeguarding for a smoother transaction when selling a car. Additionally, saving car services and repairs receipts also help preserve the value of the vehicle.
  • Keep the car properly maintained – Like our health, a regularly maintained car can perform at its peak, even when it is already a couple of years old. Routine maintenance helps ensure that the tyre, electric components and engine are working as they should and will not malfunction unexpectedly.
  • Invest in a car brand that holds its value – Cars are not made equally. There are car brands capable of holding onto their value despite years of usage and availability. On the other hand, some brands could see their value depreciate faster than the car can go from zero to a hundred kilometres per hour.
  • Drive responsibly – While cars are meant to be enjoyed, drivers must always be cautious to keep away from accidents. Reckless driving is a sure-fire way to get the car thrashed and the driver into an accident. 
  • Keep the car’s body in perfect condition – Keeping the car’s body in pristine condition also helps keep its value higher. While it is a no-brainer to have the vehicle’s internals in their tip-top shape, owners should keep it free of scratches, dents and faded paint.
  • Avoid customising the car – Contrary to common perception, aftermarket options do not add value to the car. Oversized wheels, stereo speakers and rear spoilers can decrease appreciation of a car.

What Car Brand Holds Its Value Well?

Like a luxury item, a car has a higher chance of holding unto its value when it is made of a certain brand. Luxury cars, like BMW, Lexus, Mercedes Benz and Porsche, do have the ability to keep their value and even increase as the years pass. However, there are also mid-tier brands that have proven to be a success at reselling. In Australia, Mazda, Subaru and Toyota are car manufacturers whose vehicles have proven to hold their value over time. Hyundai is also catching up to these brands thanks to its recent product improvements and backup program. In terms of car type, sports cars and coupes are a given but one-tonne utes are also a strong performer in retaining their value. 

What Car Colour Keeps Its Value Over Time?

Most car owners only know that the car’s body and internals contribute to the rise and fall of their vehicle’s value. However, the car’s colour also plays a role in keeping its value. Colours that have broader appeal tend to keep their value in the long run. Black, blue, grey and white colours are among the most popular colours capable of generating strong second-hand prices. Vehicles with metallic paint also appreciate better when reselling but it usually costs more for the original owner. For other colours, red, when dark and metallic, also offers good resale value. For colours that must be avoided, experts say brighter colours like yellow and orange normally do not have the same pull in value compared to neutral colours.

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