Northern Beaches Vehicle Inspections

When needing your vehicle inspected, Peninsula Auto Clinic is the most trusted Northern Beaches Mechanic team performing inspections. Our car inspection service has our experienced mechanics inspecting all cars and their systems and parts. This high quality inspection report is extremely detailed and our mechanics ensure to look over all sections.

Professional Vehicle Inspections

Our vehicle inspection service has our mechanics making informed decisions on whether parts need repairs or are healthy. When working with motor vehicles we make certain to inspect all systems to ensure our vehicle inspection report is as accurate as possible. There are many jobs we perform to provide peace of mind to all Northern Beaches residents.

Under Car Inspections

Working underneath the car our mechanics inspect:

  • Tyres – checking the tread of the tyres, if they are worn or aligned in an incorrect way
  • Exhaust System – any excessive noise or fumes might mean that there are holes or rust in the system
  • Oil Leaks – the transmission, engine, brakes, steering and shock absorbers are checked fro oil leaks which can be dangerous

Under the Hood Inspections

Inspecting the systems under the hood will include:

  • Engine Idle – we inspect to see if the engine idles smoothly. Incorrect idling will be determined from irregular noises, such as knocking, or running poorly
  • Engine Oil – thick oil present in the system means that the engine has been poorly maintained. Also, if there are milky or grey coloured oils then water is present which is never good
  • Oil Fumes – when the engine is idling we check to see if fumes appear. If this happens then this means that there are worn piston rings or cylinder. Additionally, if there is thick, black smoke coming out of the exhaust system then other problems are present
  • Engine Appearance – by simply looking at the engine we can see if there is dirt present from poor maintenance
  • Car Battery – our mechanics will look to see if there is acid or corrosion within the battery system
  • Radiator Cooler Fins or Core Tubes – we check if there is a build-up of corrosion or any damage
  • Radiator Coolant – we inspect to see if this system is clean, otherwise, the coolant might have leaked
  • Odometer Alteration – during a road test drive we determine if the odometer is working correctly

Vehicle Body Inspections

We will inspect the body of the car or vehicle, specifically;

  • Hail Damage – we will look all over the body to see if there are bumps which could have been caused by hail
  • Rust – our mechanics will look for coloured stains, bubbled or dimpled paint and any other noticeable signs of rust
  • Doors and Boot – catches and rubber seals are inspected carefully
  • Panel Fitment – inspecting the panels for being loose can see if there is any damage
  • Paint Condition – we look at all of the body to see if the paint has been over-sprayed, removed and more

Car Interior Inspections

There are many parts inside the car which need to be properly looked at:

  • Seat-belts – checking if there is no damage or frayed areas and that they function correctly happens
  • Accessories and Equipment – the air conditioning, windows, horn, sound system, wipers and other parts are inspected for issues
  • Trim, Carpets and Upholstery – these systems are inspected for any visible damages
  • Lights – the inside, outside and warning lights are all inspected to ensure that they are working properly

Are You Selling your Car?

Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, we offer the best vehicle and car inspections in Sydney, specifically in the Northern Beaches. Having your car inspected is perfect for reassuring that the whole car is in a proper and healthy state. Additionally, when selling your car it will increase its value and people will want to purchase it more likely. Buying a used car which has been inspected for defects will increase a buyers want to purchase it.

Our Car Repair and Car Service work is also here for all of the Northern Beaches. We recommend reading our blog ‘how often should you service your car’ as well to understand the best times. Our car inspection service is offered to all of the Northern Beaches – contact us now on 9999 2553 or email us at are located at 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale!

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