Professional & Same Day Car Service

Peninsula Auto Clinic offers the best car service within Mona Vale and the whole Northern Beaches. We are exceptionally skilled to work on any model and brand of car, servcinging them correctly. For more than 30 years we have been servicing the community’s cars to ensure that they are properly serviced. Furthermore, by applying advanced techniques and methods we always guarantee that the car we service is working at its best. By leaving your car with us, you can be sure that we will properly handle your vehicle with care. Moreover, we will respect that your car is important to you, which is why we will work efficiently, correctly and safely.

When Do I Need A Car Service?

Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic we are well aware and knowledgeable to professionally know when car services should occur. We recommend that looking through your car’s specific manual is important for finding this information. However, generally depending on the amount of kilometers driven, the type/ amount of driving and car type will determine the need. We recommend two specific services: minor and major. A minor service will be quicker and often will be around the 10,000-15,000km mark. Whereas, a major service occurs around every 30,000-45,000km driven with being larger in maintenance. If there are any concerns or questions with when you should have your car services, calling your service center will help with when they advise a service.

Different Types Of Car Servicing

Minor Service

Within a minor service of a car, we focus on ensuring that all the small things are working correctly. Often inspecting wear and tear, replacements, repairs and testing, we averagely work for as little as 90 minutes. Here is a list of jobs which we generally complete on minor services:

  • Checking the washers and wipers of the windscreen – this is to ensure that your visibility checks are still working
  • Inspecting the brakes and the brake fluids – often we test the response time of the brakes, how far the brake pads go down/ the depth. We also fill up the brake fluids if they need the top up.
  • Looking at the air filter – if it needs to, we clean it or even replace it if it has been ruined
  • Testing the lights – this includes the brake lights, headlights and all the rest in and out of the car. A simple change of the light bulb is what often happens if it does not work anymore.
  • Checking the leads of the car – even though they are designed to last ten years we still look to see if they are working correctly.
  • Inspecting the oil filter and oil in general – because if dirty oil is running through the car, it can cause internal damage and influence the running capabilities as well.
  • Spark plugs are checked – these and their state can help with seeing the condition of the engine condition. This is because if they are greasy this often means there is an oil leak within the engine.
  • Testing the suspension and steering – simple tests on response time is determined/ measures, as well as their proper functionality being tested.
  • Air conditioning test – easy steps are placed to see if the aircon is working correctly and efficiently.
  • Other components of the car that are tested/ checked are belts, the battery, transmission and the fuel filter. As well as the cooling system, the hose, tyres and the exhaust are also inspected.

Major Service

A major service has us properly making certain that after longer periods of time that the car is functioning safely and correctly. As they are less frequent, they do usually take the whole day to service. Here are the more important components of a major car service which we provide:

  • Engine Diagnosis and computerised tune-ups
  • Test the tyre pressure and general conditions – they may need replacement if they have been experiencing a lot of driving (‘wear and tear’). Otherwise repairing them to their original state is another option.
  • Changing all the transmission oils – as this allows specific parts of the car to function smoothly, we change the oils so they are fresh and clean.
  • The wheel bearings are replaced – as they hold all the weight of the car, we make sure we fix them to properly work again.
  • Each fluid in the car is filled up/ top upped.
  • All external engine belts and hoses are checked – if the need to replace these parts we will as they are important.
  • Testing the battery, coolant conditions and cooling system – these components of the car are important for the smooth running of the vehicle. We test to see if they are all working correctly and can repair them if needed.
  • Replacing the spark plugs – we do this as they are important for the engine to start, which we can replace them if they are broken or about to be.
  • A general inspection on the safety areas of the car happens. For instance belts, we inspect the car for any issues regarding the safety and health of both the car and more importantly the people

Professional & Trusted Car Service

During our more than 25+ years of experience, we at Peninsula Auto Clinic know exactly how and when to perform proper car servicing and automotive services. We are the best in the Northern Beaches and our team works amazingly to properly service all ranges of cars. Moreover, once we complete a car service we can provide to you a log of all the work completed on your car. Furthermore, as all of the above will not be needed to occur with each session, we adapt and plan a proper method to efficiently service your car. If you have any questions on when you should service or would like one, call us on 9999 2553 or email us at We will be the best choice to ae when wanting quality and advanced car servicing. Being the best in the area, we are determined to make sure your car is serviced to be safe and run the best it can be.