Best Northern Beaches Car Repair

A car repair can be one of so many different areas and should be handed by a professional and qualified mechanic. As a result, we here at Peninsula Auto Clinic know exactly how to perform all car repair services on all types, models and brands of cars through our experienced automotive services. Specialised with car mechanic qualifications, we offer the best car repair resources within the Northern Beaches. Working within our tidy auto shop, we utilise advanced techniques with professional tools and techniques to do the greatest repairs.

Trusted Car Repairs With Exceptional Results

As mentioned, we are able to perform a variety of different car repairs on all models. Because of our knowledge, experience and work ethic, we are able to offer this exceptional service to the whole of the Northern Beaches.

Clutch Repairs

When the clutch of your car begins to break and not work we can repair it back to its healthy state. We are able to repair and replace all models of clutches that have been worn out and unable to function well. Replacing the clutch plate, pressure plate or clutch cover may occur or even the entire clutch may be replaced/ repaired.

Radiator Repairs

When experiencing the car overheating, we can repair the radiator to solve the issue. We can inspect for leaks, perform pressure tests and repair/ replace parts or the whole radiator to solve the problem.

Battery Repairs

Having the car not turn on or the lights not working at all may mean that a battery repair is needed. We gather the exact measurements and replace the existing battery, while also cleaning the terminal.

Brake Repairs

Having the brakes not working is a serious safety concern. To fix the brakes we will identify the major concern and proceed with the needed steps. Our car services means we can repair modern cars with electric handbrake setups, to older and more simplified car brakes.

Suspension Repairs

The suspension system, or gearbox, will be repaired through our specialised methods, extending to both automatic and manual cars. The transmission systems on both cars differ drastically, with some parts more difficult than the other, but we ensure we repair the system correctly. This may be running newer transmission fluid throughout, repairing the many parts within or replacing the parts if needed.

Exhaust Repairs

Excessive noise levels, leaking, rattling or other signs, we can repair a broken exhaust system in no time. We can remove all the different parts of the exhaust and make sure that everything is aligning, repairing anything that is broken or not working correctly.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Broken air conditioning within the Northern Beaches is terrible to experience when driving in really cold days or in extreme heat. Adjusting the drive belt, replacing the receiver dryer and other methods can see us repairing the broken air conditioning system.

Steering and Suspension Repairs

When the car starts veering to one side, excessive bouncing happens or even steering is not as controlled, a repair to the steering and suspension is needed. We will make sure to listen to the common issues and act accordingly to resolve the issue with this important car system.

Engine Repairs

The engine is a complicated system, however we will be able to repair any damage within the whole engine. Some areas we do can include replacing head gaskets, tuning the engine, replacing drive belts, replacing engine mounts or even repairing any oil leaks. As each car will have a different engine setup/ system we have extensive knowledge on all ranges of cars. This means we are able to work on repairing all engine systems within all cars.

There are numerous other repairs which we have the learning and qualifications to perform. Our licensing and certifications have permitted us to really understand each and every car repair. The ones listed or not, each repair is performed with high skills and with great results.

Professional Repairs On All Cars

Peninsula Auto Clinic are able to perform a large range of different car repairs on all models of cars from our body shop at 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale. Our experience and skill has enabled us to contain the extensive knowledge on how to complete all repairs on cars of every kind. If you have any questions regarding the repairs we offer/ any other ones, do not be shy to contact us and ask us. Call 9999 2553 or email us at so we can answer any question in relation to car repairs. Do not hesitate to utilise our amazing car repair service because we always work for the best result of your vehicle.