Northern Beaches Clutch Services

A clutch service is often overlooked but is an extremely important Car Service to undergo. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, we offer all of the Northern Beaches with the best clutch service in the area. Each fully qualified mechanic with us can perform the clutch service on all cars, including both automatic and manual vehicles. Our clutch repairers and servicers are the most trusted to work on the system.

Clutch Replacements

If the clutch system has too many issues or is too old then a clutch replacement is the best path to take. This includes the clutch, pressure plate, slave cylinder, flywheel and all other parts. Additionally, the clutch fluid is changed and an important test drive will be done.

Depending on how the car is driven, the type of car and how often will determine the best replacement clutch. For smaller cars, it can cost from $500 – $1200, and larger vehicles it can cost up to and over $2000.

What is a Clutch Service?

A clutch service should occur every 100,000km driven by most vehicles. The service is extremely important and looks over all the parts of the clutch system. Inspections, repairs and maintenance work is done through this service.

Clutch Inspections

The clutch system of a car is what connects the engine and transmission system together. Inspecting the system is needed as they are a crucial part of the system and need to be healthy. They are harder to reach and their issues can often be unnoticed due to being between the transmission and engine. Inspecting the clutch system needs these two systems removed as it will be almost impossible to reach or view it.

An inspection related to the clutch will see our mechanics look at all parts of the system. We will perform tests and are guarantee to spot any defects. The inspection will notice any needed repairs and also if the system is still healthy and keeping the car safe.

Clutch Repair – Common Clutch Issues 

When the service undergoes, repairs will happen when there are serious issues. There are many problems which the clutch can experience:

  • Clutch Master Cylinder Failure – these move the clutch pedal down to the gearbox as well as the clutch themselves. When the parts move the master cylinder allows for clutch fluid to move to the saver cylinder. If an of these areas begin to leak then shifting gears will be harder or leakages will happen
  • Clutch Fluid Leak – if a leak in the clutch system happens then it can run through the car and cause other potential problems
  • Slipping Clutch – the system is designed to move a little, or slip when the gears change for smoother takeoffs and shifting. If these begin to fail then when situations where the car is under load it can overheat damaging the flywheel. The pressure plate will also be damaged, both need to be inspected before further issues arise
  • Clutch Vibrations or Shudders – oil leaking on the clutch discs or the flywheel can cause issues such as vibrations

Our mechanics will repair these issues using the best equipment, machinery and techniques. We understand how the whole clutch works and will perform the Car Repair perfectly.

Professional Clutch Service – Northern Beaches

When needing a trusted Northern Beaches mechanic to perform a clutch service Peninsula Auto Clinic is the best place to rely on. Our team have over two decades of experience and are qualified to work on all cars. Our clutch service is here for all of the Northern Beaches, including WarriewoodPalm Beach and Ingleside. We also encourage reading our blog ‘how often should you service your car’ for our recommendations on the best times for a car service. Located on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale, our clutch service is the most trusted in the Northern Beaches – contact us now on 9999 2553 or at!