Mechanic Ingleside

Insured and Certified Mechanic Ingleside

For needing a trusted Mechanic to work on any type of car, Peninsula Auto Clinic offers the best mechanical service for Ingleside. With over 1,000 people living in its area Ingleside is within the Northern Beaches of Sydney. There are more semi-rural properties in Ingleside, along with the amount of bushland, results in the suburb having a smaller population compared to its size. Ingleside, however, has received more development and continues in recent years. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, we promise that our mechanics are the most reliable for all members of the community.

Mechanical Repairs Completed On Time

Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, we have over 25 years of experience operating as a car mechanic service. Additionally, all of our mechanics are fully licensed who always perform a great job on whatever they are tasked to do. Each service and repairs we completed, additionally, is performed using the state of the art equipment and with professional skills. This is to ensure that we provide the best and most reliable mechanic service there is for Ingleside. We greatly care for our customers as we want their cars to be in the best state which can be. As a result, our customer service is fantastic because we reliably finish all needed jobs successfully and on time.

Our highly recommended mechanical help is also more affordable than other places, however, we still always complete great services. As mentioned, our mechanics are able to work on any car, no matter if it is a light or heavy vehicle. Also, the car model and year is no issue when servicing your vehicle, our team can easily operate on all cars. The types of jobs which we can work on include wheel alignments, car battery replacements and exhaust repairs. Along with many more jobs which our expert team can work on, we are the best place to contact for quality mechanics in Sydney. Specifically, within the Northern Beaches and for Ingleside, our mechanics are easily the best for needing Car Service and repairs. 

Experienced Mechanics for Ingleside

Peninsula Auto Clinic and all of our Mechanic workers are the best for each person living in Ingleside. Each time we work on a job our mechanics use professional and advanced techniques to ensure we provide the best service. For all of our repairs and services finishing it properly and on time is guaranteed for all of our jobs.

Also, our Car Repair service has us repairing all cars and we make sure that they are working properly. Furthermore, our blog on ‘what needs to be in a car service’ highlights all the factors which are included within general servicing.

For all Ingleside residents, we are the place to contact for mechanical help – call 9999 2553 or email is us at We are located at 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale!