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The Importance of Exhaust Repairs

The exhaust is one of the most hard-working systems within your car, and proper car service and repairs are critical. As it is the primary system that removes all the dangerous fumes from the vehicle, it must be adequately maintained for health and safety reasons.

Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, we can successfully and properly repair any damage to any car’s exhaust system. Issues regarding the exhaust can lead to serious health risks for both the vehicle and the people in it. Therefore, we always ensure that the exhaust will work correctly after we repair them and the issues are resolved efficiently.

If you detect any warning signs with your exhaust, you should contact a mechanic to repair it before more serious damage occurs.

8 Signs Your Car Needs Immediate Exhaust Repair

Several key warning signs and symptoms may occur when the exhaust is not performing correctly. They can be noticeable, so quickly booking an exhaust repair service is the safest option for you and the car.


Feeling vibrations in the foot pedal or steering wheel when driving is often linked to an exhaust leak. Also, the whole car may shake if the leak is at an extreme level. These vibrations are an immediate warning sign to book a car exhaust repair as soon as possible. This is because the vibrations may alter steering to the point where it can cause accidents. Therefore, controlling the vehicle can be extremely tough and ultimately dangerous for the car and yourself.

Increased Engine Noises

Hearing the engine make louder and stranger sounds than usual can indicate that the exhaust needs repairing. This is because the exhaust is responsible for keeping the engine sound as low as possible. Therefore, the higher volume of the engine noise conveys that it needs an exhaust repair. The exhaust manifold leaking will seriously increase the engine noise while also allowing hazardous fumes to enter the passenger cabin.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

Even though multiple factors can cause fuel efficiency to decline, a damaged exhaust may be one of them. The presence of an exhaust leak can impact how many fumes are being carried away and can leave the engine to operate at higher temperatures. As a result of this increase in temperature, the fuel efficiency goes down because the engine has to work harder. When you realise that you are spending more time at the petrol station, consider the possibility that your exhaust system is out of line and get exhaust repairs as soon as possible.

White, Black or Blue Smoke

When your exhaust produces white smoke, it might mean that the engine coolant level is low. This can happen when a cracked or warped cylinder head, a failed head gasket or a cracked engine block overheating. Black smoke will appear when the engine uses more fuel than it should. The fuel injectors, fuel pressure, air filter or fuel line having a problem can cause this issue. Meanwhile, when blue smoke appears from the exhaust, the oil might have leaked and burnt in the engine system. Ultimately, when you tell us the colour of the smoke, we will immediately diagnose and repair your car’s exhaust system.

Burning Smell

If you notice a burning smell coming from your car, it could indicate something is wrong with your exhaust system. This could be due to various factors, but a leaking gasket usually causes it. If the gasket breaks down and leaks anywhere near the engine wirings, the heat from the exhaust fumes may cause the plastic parts to burn. This causes the burning smell that you detect. If this happens, and the scent is too strong to ignore, ensure that you go through car exhaust repair immediately.

Noticeable Performance Issues

Loss of power while driving can be caused by many different things, but one of them may be a clogged or damaged exhaust system. If the engine runs harder than usual and less efficiently, this will result in a loss of power and poor fuel economy. Typically, this is due to a problem with the catalytic converter, which causes a performance glitch upon startup. You may also notice a reduction in acceleration power, and your car will accelerate slower than it usually does. These performance issues can also be caused by an exhaust leak, which can worsen the more you delay booking an exhaust repair.

Gas Smell

If you smell gas while driving or after turning off your engine, it could indicate an exhaust leak. This can be dangerous, as it can allow carbon monoxide to enter your vehicle’s cabin. If you notice this smell, you must take your car to an exhaust repair specialist as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more likely you’ll end up with serious health problems or even death due to exposure to excessive carbon monoxide levels inside your car.

Check Engine Light Comes On

When you see the check engine light coming on, the exhaust system may not be the first thing you think about — and rightfully so. However, leaks around or ahead of the sensors in the exhaust system can cause their readings to be out of spec, which confuses the electronic control module (ECM) in most modern cars. This phenomenon will cause the check engine light to come on. If this happens and you’re sure your engine is fine, consider searching for a “car exhaust repair near me” as soon as possible.

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Peninsula Auto Clinic — The Best Car Exhaust Repair ‘Near Me’

If you’ve been searching for a reliable exhaust repair in Mona Vale or the surrounding suburbs, look no further than Peninsula Auto Clinic. We pride ourselves on our transparent pricing and excellent customer service, and we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your vehicle’s needs. Plus, we’ll provide you with a clear and accurate quote before any work is carried out.

Our skilled technicians are dedicated to providing top-quality exhaust repairs and services using the latest tools and technology. From muffler replacements to custom exhaust installations, we offer a wide range of services to get your vehicle running smoothly and quietly again. We are your most reliable provider of exhaust repairs in Mona Vale and beyond!

Get Your Exhaust Repaired Today!

As mentioned previously there can be specific signs and symbols that can indicate that the exhaust system is not working. Here is a more simple list that can also guide you and explain common problems that may need repair services to happen:

  • Coloured smoke, either white, blue or black
  • More fuel being used up than usual
  • Roaring, hissing or unusual sounds are becoming more common
  • Vibrations are felt within the wheel, foot pedal or even the whole car
  • You notice a cracked, broken or leaking exhaust
  • You experience a rattling or popping exhaust when driving
  • You encounter gas or burning smells
  • Your check engine light comes on even if your engine is properly maintained

If you’ve noticed that your car has been experiencing any of these issues, having repairs on your exhaust is the next best step. Our mechanics at Peninsula Auto Clinic are the best for automotive services when you need trusted exhaust system repairs. We will work efficiently so your exhaust system can be quickly and professionally fixed. Visit us at 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale.

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