Signs Of A Damaged Exhaust?

There are many different warning signs of a damaged exhaust system people can experience. From fuel efficiency being lowered to excessive noises happening, a broken exhaust will influence car and engine performance. When these exhaust problems occur it is important a qualified mechanic looks over the car’s exhaust to prevent major damages. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our exhaust repair services are here when these issues are noticed and need professionals to resolve the problem. 

The most common signs of a damaged exhaust are:

  • Excessive or louder engine or exhaust
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Slower acceleration
  • Strong exhaust gases smell
  • Knocking or banging sounds from below the car
  • Rust on the muffler and exhaust pipe
  • Misfiring engine
  • Burning smells from the engine
  • Exhaust pipe hanging lower
  • Leaking exhaust manifold


Signs Of A Damaged Exhaust

What are Common Signs of a Damaged Exhaust?

The main signs to look for that indicate a damaged exhaust and that a broken exhaust repair may be needed are:

Excessive or Louder Engine or Exhaust

One of the most common signs of a damaged exhaust is that the exhaust or engine makes noticeably louder noises. The louder noises often occur from a rusted car muffler, cracks within the exhaust pipe or exhaust leaks. Wherever the damage has occurred in the exhaust system will mean that the loud noise occurs. An exhaust and muffler repair should occur as soon as possible to prevent major damages and fuel efficiency issues from occurring. 

Reduced Fuel Economy

When the exhaust is broken, often the fuel efficiency of the car is negatively impacted. A reduction in fuel economy can be from many different issues of the car but the exhaust being damaged can be one. With the exhaust broken, the engine will have to work harder which leads to more fuel being needed.

Slower Acceleration

When it becomes slower and harder for the car to accelerate this might be from a damaged exhaust system. A leak within the exhaust system can lead to the car needing more power to start and accelerate. 

Strong Exhaust Gas Smells

A leak in the exhaust pipe or system or damages with the catalytic converter can cause gas smells to form. When these smells form from the exhaust it is important to not ignore the problem. This is because the harmful gases can enter the car and lead to health problems for those in it. 

Knocking or Banging Sounds Underneath the Car

When there is a knocking or banging sound that is coming from underneath the car, it can be from one of the exhaust parts being loose. A broken exhaust pipe may also be the reason why the sound occurs. If it is obvious that the tail pipe or muffler drags on the ground then this is a clear indication of a damaged exhaust. It is important to have a mechanic fix this issue as soon as possible as major damages can occur. 

Rust Forming

Condensation build up on the exhaust pipe or muffler is common which can lead to rust forming. The exhaust becomes hot when the car is on and then will become cool when not in use which  may attract moisture. When moisture is present condensation can build up and over time this can lead to rust developing. A large amount of rust on the exhaust system should be checked out to ensure the system does not fail or break while driving. 

Misfiring Engine

The engine misfiring can be from many different issues but problems with the exhaust system can be the origin. Within the cylinder heads, there is an exhaust valve chamber that will be used to divert the engine fumes to the exhaust manifold and out of the car through the exhaust pipe. When there is an obstruction or issue within the exhaust system this means the fumes cannot properly leave the car. With the fumes not being able to escape the chamber the engine may misfire from this. 

Burning Smells 

The manifold gasket is between the head of the motor and the exhaust manifold. When there is a leak within this part then the heat that is created can burn nearby parts. This creates the burning smell and also the chance that smoke appears, in any case, it is important a Car Repair is organised before major concerns form. 

Low Hanging Exhaust Pipe

When the exhaust pipe hands low, or even the rear muffler, then this can be from a number of different issues. The exhaust mounts may have failed or there is physical damage to the pipes. It is important a mechanic checks this issue as driving with the exhaust pipe hanging can quickly lead to further problems. 

Leaking Exhaust Manifold

If the exhaust manifold has leaks or cracks then this may burn the exhaust valves. When these burn then their ability to seal over the engine cylinder is decreased and the engine’s power is also decreased. Ticking sounds from the engine, misfiring and driving performance issues are signs that there is a leak.

At times when these issues are present an exhaust upgrade is favoured as it is more effective and cheaper. Read our blog ‘Exhaust Upgrades – Everything You Need To Know’ to understand more about the service!

Trusted Repairs for Damaged Exhausts

Peninsula Auto Clinic is here for Northern Beaches locals to repair any damaged exhaust. Each fully qualifie mechanic with us uses the most effective techniques to have the exhaust repaired quickly and safely. We offer our Car Service and exhaust repair services to all Northern Beaches suburbs, including ElanoraAvalon and Bayview. When needing professional help to repair a damaged exhaust – Peninsula Auto Clinic is located here on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale!