Exhaust Upgrades – Everything You Need To Know!

Exhaust upgrades enhance exhaust systems and boost the cars’ overall engine performance and fuel efficiency. The exhaust system is what moves the combustible by-products out of the vehicle. It also filters out other toxic substances that can be harmful to the car. Peninsula Auto Clinic offers our professional exhaust repairs and services where we will be able to upgrade a range of exhaust systems. 

Within exhaust upgrades, there are different sections of the system that will be upgraded. The exhaust manifold, downpipe and muffler are the common parts that are upgraded. The benefits of exhaust upgrades are the car’s engine power and fuel efficiency increases and the exhaust has a longer lifespan

What are the Benefits of Exhaust Upgrades?

The main benefits that come with exhaust upgrades are:

  • The car’s power is enhanced as the new exhaust will have larger exhaust pipes and have a high flow. Air flow is overall more efficient which causes the engine to breathe better and enables horsepower and torque to improve. The type of car will determine how great the performance enhancement is from the exhaust upgrade.
  • Fuel efficiency is improved as the torque is improved and the car is able to maintain a certain speed more effectively. Along with the airflow being greater the fuel efficiency and economy can increase by 5% most times. 
  • Upgrading the exhaust to a newer model can also mean the sound is improved. Instead of adding louder noises, the improved exhaust will be quieter and the sounds less harsh. 
  • Where factory exhausts are created with mild steel, exhausts that are made of stainless steel and aluminised steel will last longer. 

What Parts of the Exhaust are Usually Upgraded?

The main sections or more common parts of the exhaust that are upgraded are the:

Exhaust Manifold

The exhaust manifold, or header, is the first section of the exhaust unit. It attaches to the cylinder heads and will lead the exhaust out of the engine system and towards the downpipes. Upgrading the exhaust manifold means that there are separated tubes connected to each cylinder head instead of them sharing one. This means the exhaust will move more efficiently out of the engine and around the system.

Exhaust manifolds being upgraded can mean that they are mandrel-bent over press-bent. The mandrel bends mean that the pipe remains the same size yet the interior decreases to help with the flow of air. 


To help enhance the exhaust flow and have  it exit the car sooner the downpipe can be upgraded. Downpipes in most cars have it as a smaller pipe and there is a slight bend in the length. Upgrading the downpipe to a higher quality means that the exhaust will overall move more swiftly out of the vehicle. 


A muffler upgrade will most times occur when a simple exhaust system is upgrading to a cat-back system. Cat-back exhaust upgrades include many different upgrades, often from the catalytic converter to the end pipe. The muffler is one major part upgraded to enhance the overall performance of the car. This includes higher airflow rates that help enhance the system’s ability to expel exhaust faster. 

What are the Different Exhaust Upgrades?

A standard exhaust is called a stock exhaust and will often be upgraded to an aftermarket exhaust system. The main types of aftermarket exhaust systems include:

  • Axle-back
  • Cat-back
  • Header-back 

What are the Differences Between Aftermarket and Stock Exhausts?

The main difference between an aftermarket or performance exhaust and the average stock exhaust are:

Pipe Diameter

The diameter of the pipe is one of the main differences between the two types of exhaust systems. Stock exhausts will most times have a smaller diameter which means that there is less airflow within the pipes. Upgrading the exhaust to an aftermarket system will mean the pipes have a larger diameter and more air can flow. 

Pipe Bends

Crush bending is used in stock exhausts as it is easier to create but the performance of the vehicle is negatively impacted. Performance exhausts will utilise mandrel bending which means the diameter of the pipes to be consistent and the drive more efficient. 

Higher Quality Materials

Stock exhausts are made from simple steel whereas aftermarket exhausts are made from higher quality materials. Stainless steel or aluminised steel is used in aftermarket exhausts and are better material in exhaust systems. They will often rust or corrode less likely than mild steel and the exhaust system will have a longer lifespan. 

Power Levels and Efficiency 

With stock exhausts, they will not be as efficient when it comes to driving performance. Aftermarket exhausts will be overall more efficient at having air flow out of the vehicle and this will also help with the fuel economy. 

Reliable Exhaust Upgrades On The  Northern Beaches

Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, we offer Northern Beaches locals the best exhaust upgrades. Our fully qualified mechanics will upgrade any exhaust system or any car type or model. We make sure that the whole upgrade process is performed swiftly and safely carries each step. Our team is also here to work on broken exhaust repairs to resolve any kind of issues with the exhaust. 
We offer our professional exhaust services to all Northern Beaches locals, including CollaroyNarrabeen and Warriewood. We also offer reliable Car Service and Car Repair work on any car. For the best exhaust upgrades and services – trust Peninsula Auto Clinic located on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale!