Car Suspension Service – Everything You Need To Know!

car suspension service is extremely important to ensure your car’s  suspension  properly all year round. The suspension systems contain multiple different components that all help with the comfort and safety of a drive. It is highly recommended that when signs that a service is needed that a suspension specialist is organised to perform a service. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, we operate as a professional Northern Beaches mechanic servicer where we will perform professional car suspension services on all car types.

The average cost of a car suspension service ranges from approximately $150 and can rise to above $1000, depending on the severity of the repairs needed. Most suspension services will include inspections on the different parts, including the coil springs, shock absorbers springs and tie rod. Signs that a car suspension service is needed can include bumpy rides, drifts around corners and nosedives when the brakes are pressed.

Car Suspension Service Everything You Need To Know

What are the Different Parts of the Vehicle Suspension System?

There are many different parts involved within the suspension system of a car:

  • Coil Springs – these springs will absorb the impact when the car makes contact with the road or a bump.
  • Shock Absorbers – these are also called dampers or shocks and will help support the coils when the vehicle makes contact with bumps.
  • Rods/ Linkages – these will connect the various parts of the suspension to each other securely.
  • Joints/ Bearings – these parts, such as ball joints, are needed so the parts of the suspension can glide and move easily. 

Along with other parts of the suspension, this system of the car is important in keeping the drive smoother and safer. The suspension helps with driving easily with different road conditions while working with the brakes and tyres for a better drive. This is why it is important that the suspension system is serviced regularly to keep the drive efficient and safe. 

What are Signs that a Suspension Service is Needed?

The suspension system will experience a lot of wear and tear from driving on bumps, potholes and rocky surfaces. Here are some common signs that indicates your  suspension system needs a service:

  • When the brakes are pressed the car angles forward or nosedive
  • The car will pull itself to the side automatically when driving
  • Drifting will occur slightly or largely when turning around a corner
  • After hitting a pothole or going over a bump the car continues to bounce
  • The overall drive is less smooth and the car bounces more frequently

What are Common Suspension System Problems?

Along with common signs, these suspension system issues will help indicate that a suspension replacement or repair is needed:

  • Excessive Body Roll – this is where the car feels as though when turning it feels as though it will flip. Driving will often be slower and harder and is often due to the shock absorbers and springs failing. 
  • Bouncy Rides – when the car bounces or is unstable when driving this is a clear sign the suspension needs fixing. The suspension will need repairs as the car drives unstably, especially on bumps and bumpy roads. 
  • Unusual Noises – squeaky or clunking noises appearing when driving can be from the suspension bushes failing. Parts will make contact with each other where they should not be and cause the noises.
  • Unevenly Worn Tyres – the tyres can be worn because of many different reasons and one can be from the suspension system failing. 

What Happens in a Suspension Service?

A common service with the suspension will look over the whole system to see how it operates. Each individual part and section of the suspension will be assessed. By inspecting the suspension, potential or current issues can be addressed through different services, repairs or replacements. The mechanic working on the service will know how to look at each car differently depending on the model type. 

If there are issues with the suspension then the mechanic working on the job will repair them. From replacing specific joints, performing wheel alignments to replacing parts that have worn, there are multiple areas of the service. 

How Much Does a Car Suspension Service Cost?

The price of a car suspension service will vary depending on the mechanic to the type of car. For most people, a suspension service will cost from approx $150 to $600 and up. This includes the cost of the mechanic rates, inspections, repairs and replacement parts. Luxury cars or suspensions that are harder to work on or parts that are harder to find will cost more to service, can be from $1000 and up. 

Reliable Northern Beaches Mechanics and Car Suspension Services

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