How To Identify When Your Shock Absorbers Need To Be Repaired?

With shock absorber repairs people often are unaware of when the best time for the service to occur. A Car Repair regarding shock absorbers should happen as soon as issues are identified. These issues can range from occasional bumps to your steering becoming harder to turn. Peninsula Auto Clinic is an expert when it comes to shock absorber repairs, as we perform each service professionally. 

The main symptoms indicating that you may need a shock absorber repair include:

  • Driving is more bumpy than usual
  • The steering wheel is harder to manage
  • It is more difficult to brake
  • There are leaks coming from or near the shock absorber
  • The tyres are treading in an unusual or random way
  • The car has driven 80,000 km since the last service 


How To Identify When Your Shock Absorbers Need To Be Repaired

What are Shock Absorbers?

The shock absorbers are the part of the car which controls the suspension system and the springs. The suspension and shock absorbers work together to keep the car on the road without much impact. 

Shock absorbers ensure that when the tyres make contact with the road that the car bounces as little as possible. Likewise, they will assist with the braking for it to be more effective. The car will also be more quiet when it brakes from the shock absorbers as well.

Common Signs of Worn Shock Absorbers

When the shock absorbers are experiencing an issue it will be obvious that there are complications than other systems. Some of these signals include:

Bumpy Driving

The most obvious sign that your shock absorbers have been damaged is that the car bounces more when driving. The uncomfortable ride can be both extremely bouncy and also rough. If the shock absorbers are not working as it should then they will not absorb the shocks when driving. This is what causes the car to bounce more which can become a serious issue if not fixed quickly. 

Steering Issues

Difficulty steering can be a side effect of your shock absorbers being damaged. This can indicate that steering is more stiff than usual and turning is not as smooth. Additionally, the car may lean more to one side when driving, specifically when going around a curve or changing lanes. Another sign of faulty shock absorbers is that the steering wheel will vibrate. 

Difficulty Braking

The shock absorbers can be the system responsible for incorrect braking. If the front of the car leans more towards the ground when braking this can be from the shock absorbers. Likewise, if the car lunges forward or is more unstable when the brakes are pressed this can suggest faulty shock absorbers. Another issue is that it takes longer for the car to come to a stop when the brakes are pressed.

Fluid Leaks

If there is a fluid leak where the shock absorbers are located then it can suggest that they are broken. The fluid leak is one of the more obvious signs that there is a complication as fluids should never leak. Most likely from wear and tear, fluid leaks coming from the shock absorbers is a clear suggestion for repairs. 

Unusual Tyre Tread Wear

When the shock absorbers and suspension system are not working correctly the tyres can experience issues. This is often that they are not aligned properly which will cause them to tread unevenly. It is different from aging tyres us scalloped dips can develop on the edge of each tyre tread. An uneven tread is dangerous which should be inspected as soon as possible. 

Long Interval Since Last Service

It is recommended that every 80,000 km that your shock absorbers should be replaced. This will depend on how much the car is driven and the type of car but a simple Car Service should occur regularly as well. It is strongly recommended that the car is serviced in regular intervals so each system, including the shock absorbers are inspected for any defect. If there is an issue it is repaired earlier to prevent future costs, issues and dangers.

For more information on when to have the car service, our blog provides a greater insight into the topic. 

Dangers of Worn Shock Absorbers

With the shock absorbers always moving the internal valves and seals will eventually wear. This will cause internal failure and might cause fluids to leak. When the fluid leaks then it will not function correctly and cause other systems to fail as well. 

External problems with the system can lead to internal systems being damaged, even a small dent can cause major issues. When there are issues inside of the shock absorbers they will also lead to other complications developing

As the car’s driving will be influenced, damaged shock absorbers are not safe. Vibrations when steering, bumpy rides and uneven tyre tread can all lead to devastating accidents and issues. It is highly important that a service of the shock absorbers happens as soon as possible when problems are noticed. 

Reliable Shock Absorber Repair Service

When facing issues with the shock absorber and repairs are needed, Peninsula Auto Clinic is here to help. As a professional Northern Beaches mechanic shop we will effectively repair shock absorber problems. Our fully qualified mechanics are able to work on all cars and can operate with all shock absorber systems. 

Located in Mona Vale, our car repair service for shock absorbers is also the best for Narrabeen and Collaroy. We ensure that all shock absorber issues are correctly looked at and resolved properly. Our mechanics work efficiently on all parts of the system while safely operating on the shock absorbers. 

For professional shock absorber repairs – contact Peninsula Auto Clinic on 9999 2553 or email us at Our auto shop is located on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale where we are guaranteed to easily resolve all shock absorber issues!