How Often Should You Service Your Car?

A car service is something which many people neglect but is really important. The quick task ensures that the car is in a perfect state and safe to be driven. When people ignore a car service they are driving a car which could break down at any time. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, we encourage that a car service is completed on a regular basis. We offer the service and promise that a car service will save money and prevent further issues from developing. 

The recommended time which a car service should occur is at least every 10,000-15,000km or once a year. Additionally, for a major car service, every 30,000km or every three years is encouraged as well. However, there may be certain factors which will lead to the service needing to be done earlier.

How Often Should You Service Your Car

What Causes A Car Service?

There may be some situations or conditions which will mean that a car service should occur more frequently. These factors can really cause damages, therefore, it is encouraged that a car service occurs sooner than later. 

  • High Dust Levels – dust can negatively affect the metals within the car, services will help clean the dust out.
  • Fuels Containing Sulphur – when fuels with higher concentrations of sulphur are used the exhaust will be demanded more.
  • Engine Idling – when the car is in the idle state for long periods of time then the engine does not run on the ideal temperature. Also, the excess runtime does not get recorded in the odometer reading. 
  • Regularly Towing the Trailer – the trailer can cause extra stress on the engine, brakes and suspension increasing wear and tear. 
  • Primarily Short Drives – driving short distances frequently can make the car not reach the ideal temperature. This makes the car, especially the internal components, receive more stress. 
  • Sitting in Traffic is Common – the constant stopping and starting, or braking and accelerating, will cause additional stress on the car’s systems. 

If these factors are experienced then it is possible that the car is more damaged and at risk of breaking down. A car service mechanic will inspect if these conditions have truly negatively affected the state of the car. 

What Happens in a Car Service

There are many jobs which occur within a basic car service which qualified mechanics perform. These jobs will see parts be replaced, inspections happen and many more tasks. Here is a list with some of the types of jobs involved in a common car service:

  • Battery Inspection – the car’s battery is inspected to see if wires are disconnected or any parts are cracked.
  • Brake Fluid Check – the fluid used in the braking system is replaced with newer fluids to ensure the brakes work perfectly.
  • Inspecting Tyres – the tyre’s tread and general state is checked so it is still in good condition.
  • Lights Inspected – rear, front and all the lights of the car are inspected to ensure they are still functioning correctly.
  • Engine Coolant Levels Checked – if the coolant level is too low then it is topped-up as the engine could overheat. 
  • General Vehicle Test – all parts and systems of the car are inspected to ensure that the vehicle as a whole runs perfectly.
  • Braking System Inspected – the brake service involves ensuring the whole system operates correctly.   
  • Tyre Balancing – balancing the tyres to ensure that they are evenly balanced is completed.

Along with many more jobs, it is important to have the car serviced. A qualified mechanic can operate on any car and on any system or part. They are licensed and understand how to correctly perform tests and inspect. Moreover, they know all the rules and regulations when it comes to repairs and maintenance. This is to ensure all tasks are completed correctly and no further issues are developed. 

Also, if curious to know more about balancing tyres, read our blog article with more useful information.

Benefits of Regular Car Services

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Car Service Professional Mechanics

Peninsula Auto Clinic guarantees that the car service which we offer to the Northern Beaches is the best. We will perform all the needed tasks involved in a car service with proper methods and advanced techniques. Additionally, each Northern Beaches Mechanic which is on our team is qualified and knows how to work on any car.  

Furthermore, we offer Car Repair services as well if there are any issues which we notice in the service. As mentioned, our car service is offered to all of the Northern Beaches, including Ingleside, Clareville and Avalon. Located on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale, all of the Northern Beaches can contact us on 9999 2553 or email us at for a professional car service.