What Is The Difference Between Blue, Pink and Green Slips?

Knowing exactly what a blue slip, pink slip and green slip are is important when it comes to vehicles. Each slip has its own different purpose and is essential for registration and insurance reasons. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our mechanics will be able to help anyone with all blue, pink and green slips. We can help with performing any needed tasks or simply reassuring and answering any questions related to the slips. 

A blue slip, or an authorised unregistered vehicle, verifies that an unregistered vehicle is safe for driving. Pink slips, or eSafety checks, are reports that verify whether or not your vehicle is fit to be driven after it is 5 years old. A green slip is a compulsory insurance policy that will cover costs when individuals experience health issues in vehicle accidents. 

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Northern Beaches Blue Slips (Authorised Unregistered Vehicle)

Blue slips will involve an inspection on the vehicle which will inspect leaks, brakes, the suspension, lights and other systems. The blue slip is also used as a written-off vehicle check for when unregistered vehicles align with manufacturer’s standards. When light vehicles are just purchased or have been unregistered for quite some time the blue slip is needed.

The inspection will look at all the components, systems and design of the vehicle ensuring it is safe to drive. Before the vehicle can be registered, having a blue slip, and the inspection along with it, is important. Similarly, when needing to sell a vehicle that has no registration the blue slip is needed for the process to be allowed. Likewise, having a vehicle re-registered from different states or if the registration has expired longer than 3 months will need a blue slip. 

Blue slips last for 28 days from the issue date which the inspection needs to happen within the time period. When the blue slip inspection was a failure then there is a 14 day time period to have the issues resolved. Either from a Car Repair service or an inspection centre, the defects must be fixed as soon as possible. The failure means the vehicle is considered unregistered, therefore cannot be driven. However, driving the vehicle to the service centre or mechanic to resolve the issues can happen but only for those reasons.     

Northern Beaches Pink Slip (eSafety Check)

When a vehicle needs to be re-registered but is older than 5 years old a pink lip is needed. Otherwise called an eSafety Check, pink slips are similar to blue slips but are for vehicles needing to be reregistered. Blue slips are mainly for unregistered vehicles whereas pink slips are mainly for registered vehicles older than 5 years.

A pink slip involves a safety inspection to determine if the vehicle is road ready and safe to be driven. The report for registered vehicles is valid for 6 months and performed by a qualified mechanic. The results of the inspection are delivered electronically to Roads and Maritime Services which makes the process less time-consuming. Similarly, renewing the registration can be completed online through myRego or via phone over directly going to the RMS.

For registration renewal purposes, the vehicles which are older than 5 years, as said, need the pink slip and is extremely important. The actual inspection is easy and quick with the overall process going for around 15-20 minutes. It is similar to a Car Service, inspecting the lights, engine, wipers and all systems occur. A failed pink slip has 14 days until it expires which the issues will need to be resolved. If the repairs are not done before the 14 days then paying for a new pink slip is needed.  

Northern Beaches Green Slip 

Before a vehicle can become registered in NSW a green slip, or a Compulsory Third Party Green Slip, is needed. These slips are a type of insurance policy that covers the cost of a person who has experienced injuries within an accident. They are legally required for all types of motor vehicles except for trailers which are covered under the towing vehicle. 

What is Covered in a Green Slip

Most insurances will often include these factors when related to a green slip:

  • Medical expenses – injuries of an accident are included
  • Other people’s medical expenses – when the accident is caused by the green sip owner then insurances may cover the other person’s medical bill
  • Lost income – if the chance that income is stopped from the accident the insurance can help with the time off work
  • Extra medical expenses  – if there are any extreme medical issues then the issuance will likely cover those costs
  • Ridesharing – if taxi and other similar services are needed some insurances can pay for those tasks

What Is Not Covered in a Green Slip

Each insurance is different and there can be differences in what they offer. Related to a green slip, most likely these factors are what the insurance companies will not pay for:

  • Vehicle damage – when the accident occurs and if there are any issues with the car, such as it needs repairs, the insurance place often does not pay for the car
  • Other vehicles and property – if the accident caused damages to other cars and property, again the insurance will not cover those costs

If the chance that a ca repair is needed, read our blog on ‘how much does a car repair cost’ to see the potential differences in repair prices. 

What Is The Difference Between Blue Pink And Green Slips Peninsula Auto Clinic

Northern Beaches Mechanical Help with All Slips

Peninsula Auto Clinic will be able to help any person who needs information, guidance or any tasks related to slips. Our qualified mechanics can provide direction on what to do with a blue, pink or green slip if needed. Likewise, we can perform tasks that need completing, such as a car inspection, which are related to any slip.

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