How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Car?

The price of a car repair can differ depending on how much damage there is and where. Damages to the car can range from accidents to simply the systems being old and run down. However, leaving the repair to the latest time possible will be more expensive than solving the problem as soon as possible. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, we offer information on how much it costs for car repairs and why they are important. 

A car repair can cost from $500 to $8000 and up depending on the damage. Likewise, with an average of $80 per hour for labour. Also, the priced service will change depending on the type/year of the car and the number of repairs needed. Holding off the vehicle service will further increase the price as often more damage will happen, therefore more repairs needed.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Car

Different Types of Repairs

Transmission System

The transmission, or the automatic transmission system, is the system which controls the gears and helps run the car. It is a crucial part of the car for driving, however, when broken can be costly. Regular service will help ensure the system runs smoothly and decreasing the chance of issues occurring. This is because the oil transmission fluid is regularly changed and keeps the system healthy.

Cylinder Parts

Being apart of the engine, the cylinders are responsible for turning the gas into power. When avoiding signs, like misfires, and servicing, the chance for the cylinders breaking increases. Repairs and replacements, as a result, can be around $8000 when cylinder failure occurs.

Head Gasket 

Ensuring the cylinders are sealed and the engine oil and coolant from leaking is the head gasket and is needed to be healthy. When the system becomes damaged and stops working, the engine becomes overheated easier. Additionally, oil, smoke and coolant also will leak from the exhaust which is not positive. With the repair, the labour will cost a lot more than replacing the head gasket, the part is cheap. As the work involved takes more skill and time, expect it costing around $1000 up to $2000.

Air Conditioning Compressors 

The air conditioner within a car is one of the most appreciated systems to have to be more comfortable when driving. Replacing the system will be around $200 to $600 and will alter depending on the type of car. 

Blown Engine

Engine issues are some of the more common reasons why people will have repairs done. However, a blown engine or motor is more expensive as there is more internal damaged caused. Therefore, prices tor repair the engine can be from $1000 to $4000, likewise, the type of engine influencing the price. 

Spark Plugs

When issues occur with this part of the car, they need to be repaired and addressed as soon as possible. When the “check engine” lights come on, often the spark plugs have misfired which result in the signal. The plugs themselves are around $10, however, there are usually more problems which come with broken spark plugs. As a result, more than often these issues with the spark plugs will mean that the price will increase significantly. 

Hybrid Car Parts

When the car has hybrid parts, repairs and replacements are expensive. As well as waiting for the parts to be delivered, it can be hard to also identify issues. However, prices with hybrid parts can be from $4000 to $7000 with replacement and repairs, and the model alternating parts.  

Mass Air Flow Sensor

These systems measure the amount of air transmitted to the engine to then provide how much fuel is given to the engine. Not replacing the air filter regularly can mean that the sensors are not working correctly. If this is the case, the filters are about $25 to replace, with the sensors costing around $400.


This part of the car is responsible for how much air is given to the engine. Servicing and oil changes being ignored can lead to dirt and alike establishing inside and on the valves. The price range is around $1,500 to $3000 because the job is labour intensive.

Car Keys

For modern car keys, having them simply replaced is more than simple as they are electric. Having the new electric keys replaced can cost from $250 up to $750. When all the keys are missing and a new code for the car computer needs to be created, this can be expensive. Often around $2000 up to $5000, having a new key system takes a while and is really costly.

Car Repair Mechanic of Top Quality

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