What Needs To Be Serviced In A Car Service?

In a car service, or a car repair, there are certain actions that are needed in the process for it to be properly done. As well as being beneficial for the health of the car, the mechanic needs to be qualified and trained to know how to properly service the car. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic we offer the best car service in the whole of the Northern Beaches for each person to utilise. We are all properly certified and licensed for the job, moreover, each time perform the greatest of car servicing.  

A basic car service will need the following for it to be a proper service:

  • A proper scan of each system of the car
  • Brake pads are serviced
  • Brake fluids are checked and refilled
  • The oil and air filter is changed/ replaced
  • The interior of the car is properly cleaned
  • Tyre rotation is involved
  • A simple car wash
  • The coolant is topped up
  • Wheel alignment and balancing occurs
  • The AC/ cabinet filter is cleaned
  • Replacement of the wiper fluid happens 
  • The battery water is refilled
  • All heater plugs are checked
  • Topping up of the gear oil
  • The fuel filter is replaced

What is a Basic Car Service

A car service is a job that inspects the quality of the car on a regular basis. The areas which are checked can include all the various systems of the car and how they are functioning. It can include replacing certain areas, as well as repairing certain parts. Additionally, the types, model and year of a car will influence what is involved in the service. Similarly, it will also change the timing of the services and what is crucial to be included. Qualified mechanics can successfully, safely and properly perform a car service. As it can be described as an auto repair or a car repair, it is really important that you follow the car servicing guidelines specific to your car. This is for safety and other important reasons that come from a proper car service. 

Basic Types of Car Service

With relation to car services, there are two main types of car maintenance. These happen depending on what the manufacturer recommends, or after a certain amount of kilometres have been driven. The two services are either called a minor or a major car service, though both will usually have what the list above describes. The main difference is how much time is given to the service, as well as the parts/ tools needed.

Minor Car Service

Occurring at least every 10,000km or once a year, a minor service is a quick hour job. With proper care, the car will undergo inspections and check ups on the systems of the car. Additionally, replacements and repairs can be included, with the service being recorded as either a logbook or general service.

Major Car Service

A major car service is normally a whole day process and is often once every three years or 30,000km. They will still have all the jobs that a minor service has, however will also include other areas of work. Inspecting, replacing, repairing – a large range of servicing will happen throughout the work process.

The Importance of a Car Service

A basic car service is really important and there are numerous points which can show to why it is:

  • Identify problems early to prevent problems escalating
  • Vital parts are checked, making sure they are working
  • Knowing the car runs on the road in a safe condition
  • Leaving out services is actually more financially detrimental when compared to regular service
  • Extends the lifespan of the car with being healthier longer than with problems
  • Selling the car with a more service history improves the selling price and buyer trust 
  • Fuel efficiency is increased because of the engine and other systems running well
  • With a full service history being there, when an accident occurs the insurance company will look at the car it its pre-accident value and the servicing improving the valuation figure 

Quality Car Service by Northern Beaches Professional Mechanics

When we perform a car service Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, we make sure that all the components are included properly. All car types are able to be serviced by our expert team, we can handle all sizes and models. Moreover, our certifications and knowledge has allowed us to develop our skills to a point where we can successfully work on all service jobs. Peninsula Auto Clinic is easily available in Mona Vale – call us on 9999 2553 or email us at peninsulaautoclinic@hotmail.com for the best car service. The car service cost with our amazing resources are affordable while coming with exceptional and passionate staff. For more information on car servicing, Fair Trading NSW offers a guide on Repairs and maintenance, providing more important information with the subject. Book a service,