Automatic Transmission Service

Professional Automatic Transmission Services Mechanic

Peninsula Auto Clinic offers exceptional Automatic Transmission Services to each person within the Northern Beaches. Our knowledge and professional work ethic results in us performing the best automatic transmission service. While our license and insurance means that we work highly and safely to ensure the best results.

An automatic transmission service is described as an important routine maintenance of your car. It involves looking for any issues as well as the general health of the transmission system. Also, the process involves a transmission fluid flush and filter exchange with the system. This service is really important to book in so we can inspect the transmission of your car and identify any issues. Moreover, we want to mostly avoid the potential hazard of the car breaking down because of the fact the transmission was not checked for problems.

What Is A Car’s Transmission?

The transmission is an important component and system of the car. It is in charge of turning the engine’s power into something that the car can utilise. Moreover, it is otherwise known as the car’s gearbox. More so, an automatic transmission is in charge of changing the gears automatically rather than the driver. Without a proper transmission working well in the car, the engine will run but the car will be stationary. Also, for automatic cars the shifts will not change properly and the car will be basically not driving correctly. As a result of this is why having the automatic transmission service to guarantee that the system is running is so critical. No one wants their car to not run properly, more importantly break down on them while driving. Therefore, the service ensures that the car’s transmission is working correctly and is safe to drive.

Signs For An Automatic Transmission Service

When driving or having the engine run and noticing these issues can be due to a poor transmission. If you suspect the following there may be a fault in the transmission system:

  • A burning smell is present while the car is on
  • The gears slip out of place easily, moreso noticable in manual than automatic
  • The vehicle is simply not working and inoperative
  • Shifting gears is more difficult than usual, even noticeable in automatic
  • There is fluid leaking from the transmission system
  • The car experiences abnormal movements and sounds, like shaking, whining, grinding, humming or clunking

As there are over 800 parts in the transmission system, a professional needs to look at all parts to see what the origin of the symptoms are. As it is the constant power source for the vehicle, and therefore expensive, usually the parts of rebuilt rather than replacing most of the time. Furthermore, checking that there is enough fluid/ the fluid is healthy is also important to inspect for the system to run properly.

General Processes Of Automatic Transmission Services

As automatic are harder to work on than manuals with the transmission service, there are more components to complete. Yet, as we are all highly trained and qualified, we ensure that we plug your car to the computer system to detect any errors. Moreso, with the service the general composition may include fluid flush and exchange, a pan gasket replacement and a filter replacement. As well as any parts which are damaged we will rebuild/ repair, otherwise we will replace them if needed. To mention, as the transmission fluid is what helps run the transmission system to operate, we make certain that the system has enough/ good fluids in its system. Also, if the computer detects any problems, we may have to remove and replace a lot of damaged parts if needed.

Average Recommended Time For Automatic Transmission Service

With this car service, checking the car’s manual is important to what the factory recommends for the specific car. This is because the year model, make and car type can really alter the recommended time between different cars. However, we recommend that after 25km or 15 months the transmission service should occur, for example changing the transmission fluid.

Having the car serviced for the transmission system will have a stronger transmission fluid within it. Therefore, the new fluid strengthens the holding power between the clutch, meaning it does not slip while reducing heat caused by friction.

Regular maintenance is important as small metal shavings can run through the system over time. By passing through, the transmission fluid will bring this to the gears and cogs, overtime wearing them down. This wear down, or even parts being stuck/ not working, can be avoided with the check ups. Regular service will also be less expensive than waiting for parts to break. Because we would not have to replace any broken parts, the expensive process would be ignored. Ultimately, even though the service is only necessary for a few times, having the service is more beneficial than not. The health of the system is maintenance, meaning the prevention of serious damage and high cost repairs in the future.

Quality & Trustworthy Automatic Transmission Service

Our long experience working with all ranges of cars has provided us with the expert knowledge in performing professional automatic transmission fluid and automotive services. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic we always properly inspect the transmission system of the car to determine what the exact issue is. We apply the correct procedures and techniques to fix whatever damage has been done to the transmission system. As some of the processes can be expensive, we attempt to always try other options before completely removing and replacing the expensive parts. Often this will lead to us utilising successful and professional tools and skills to repair the parts of the transmission. We highly encourage having the service done on your automatic transmission system to prevent further complications in the future. Also, it ensures that the car is safe to drive as the transmission will not fail when driving. Located at 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale, you can contact us through either calling 9999 2553 or emailing to have professional automatic transmission servicing.