Northern Beaches Pink Slips Service

When it is time for a pink slip to be serviced the mechanics here at Peninsula Auto Clinic are here to help. A pink slip is what approves that a vehicle has been inspected for any issues after it is 5 years old. This pink slip is a legal requirement for many different reasons as it ensures that a 5 year old car is road worthy. Peninsula Auto Clinic promises that our mechanics will perform the needed tasks of a pink slip properly. We operate efficiently, work affordable and ensure that the vehicle has been correctly inspected.

Why is a Pink Slip Needed?

Pink slips, or eSafety Check, is a letter that a mechanic provides stating the car is clear of any issues. The car is safe to be driven and in a state which is fit to be on the road. Additionally, if a car is more than five years old and re-registering it is required, a pink slip is needed. The inspection which is involved with the pink slip also checks if repairs are needed. Likewise, the mechanic will send the report, as well, to Roads and Maritime Services.

How Long Can I Use the Pink Slip?

There is a 42 day period after the pink slip has been issued which it can be used. The vehicle which has passed the inspection can then be registered with the pink slip. If no action has taken place and the 42 days have gone past a new pink slip is needed. Additionally, some registrations might need a pink slip to be required annually for inspection reasons.

What Happens During a Pink Slip Check?

The mechanics here at Peninsula Auto Clinic will perform all the needed tasks related to pink slips. The process takes roughly 30 minutes to complete with the following occurring:

  • A brake efficiency test
  • Checking if electrical components work, including the blinkers, dash lights, headlights and interior lights
  • Driveline and engine leaks are inspected
  • The body of the vehicle’s condition is checked
  • Seatbelt’s conditions are tested
  • The tyre quality and tread depth are assessed
  • The suspension, engine, driveline and exhaust are inspected

What if the Inspection Results in a Fail?

If there is a fail in the inspection then we will provide a list of what needs to be repaired. The issues which we inspected, such as the headlights not working, will need to be repaired. A pink slip requires that the car is fit to be driven so the Car Repair is needed. Our car repair services are affordable and we ensure to work efficiently as well.

Northern Beaches Pink Slip Mechanics

Peninsula Auto Clinic guarantees that our Northern Beaches Mechanic team is the one to trust for pink slip services. Our Car Service related to pink slips comes with all the inspections and tests needed. Additionally, we work affordable and can provide the work on all cars. We are trusted and qualified mechanics, as well, who can easily perform all the tasks.

If you are also wondering what the differences between pink slips and green or blue slips, read our blog with more information. When needing a pink slip – contact Peninsula Auto Clinic on 9999 2553 or email us at Our shop is located at 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale!