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Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic we offer the best Automotive Services in all of the Northern Beaches. We all have high qualifications and experience to work on all ranges of jobs and cars. Moreover, we always make sure that each job is performed at the highest of quality and professionalism. This is because we want our customers to always have the best quality of vehicle to feel safe and valued. To accomplish this, each job is given the same amount of level of importance, skill and energy. As well as, we make sure that we use the latest and best equipment so no matter the difficulty or vehicle, we can service them all.

We do offer a large range of different services for any automotive vehicle. Our knowledge and experience working on so many vehicles and types of jobs is to thank for.

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As a result of over 30 years of servicing the Northern Beaches. We are able to perform any car repair. For instance we are able to carry out engine diagnosis and computerised tune-ups  by hooking up your vehicle to our advanced computers to perform tests and diagnosis to determine exactly what the problem is. Lubrication service for petrol and diesel engine is also another one of our services which involves us changing the oils, filters, tyre pressure and checking the condition of your engine. If we are carrying out this service it is always recommended for us to inspect for brake service and repairs. We ensure that your brakes are working at the highest level. Peninsula Auto Clinic can repair and replace any parts to make certain that the brakes will work properly.

Furthermore, we are also an EFI specialist (Electronic Fuel Injection) to inspect your vehicle to ensure the electronic control unit is running perfectly. We can then also carry out clutch service and repairs by testing and repairing the clutch of your vehicle and working to resolve any issues. We know how to work on all clutches/ clutch systems and restore it to its original state. Performing an automatic transmission service is also equally important as the Automatic transmission is a sophisticated part of the vehicle which we highly understand. Our mechanics remove and clean the oil pan, drain the transmission fluid, check for leaks and inspect the fluid condition.

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Our Mechanics also specialise in Exhaust replacement and repairs! As there are many pipes and parts, we will properly examine the exhaust system. Therefore, we can easily repair or replace any parts of the exhaust system to ensure that you do not breathe in the exhaust flames. To ensure that you run smoothly on roads, we can efficiently repair any damage done to your shock absorber through shock absorber repairs. Suspension repairs is also a common automotive service that our clients requires as it is the system that connects the tires with and other parts to the wheels. Another common issue that our mechanics typically encounter is the need for battery replacement. We use a technique called battery load testing which identifies how strong the battery in the vehicle is. As a battery is important for starting your vehicle, we can ensure that the vehicle can be up and running in no time. We also offer clutch service and vehicle inspections!

Some of our other services include tyres repairs, replacements, alterations. We can do anything with tyres in all ranges, sizes and types. Using advanced technology, we can realign the wheels on your vehicle through electronic wheel balancing. This means they will run smoothly, not vibrate and be perfectly balanced. Peninsula Auto Clinic are also able to work on all types of CV joints in any vehicle through CV joints both new and reconditioned. Our mechanics can also recondition steering racks, boxes and pumps to ensure that you can safely operate your vehicle. Peninsula Auto Clinic can repair all components that connect and relate to steering. We will repair any broken parts and replace them with new ones so you can properly move the wheel again. Contact us today for a FREE quote on automotive services!


Automotive Services


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Any automotive service can be completed by our specialised team who work together and employ the latest technology, equipment and techniques. Focusing, planning and doing the exact/ proper method is how we always work on our automotive services. Peninsula Auto Tune is the best choice to make when deciding on which mechanic company to trust on working on your vehicle. Our experience, professional staff and customer focused attitude can guarantee that each service is ranked the best in the area. Situated in Mona Vale, you can call us on 9999 2553 or email us at so we can perform our quality automotive Services on your vehicle. Every type, range and brand of vehicle and job will be completed through our team working efficiently and expertly. We promise that we will place your needs first and that your vehicle will be in professional hands at all times.

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