Car Battery Replacement

Professional Car Battery Replacement

Peninsula Auto Clinic offers the best car battery replacement to all Northern Beaches residents where we place our experience and knowledge into quality service. Our team specialises in all automotive services including identifying the source of the battery not working anymore. Furthermore, our professional service is available to any car that needs battery replacement. We are located in Mona Vale in an easy spot to locate and we can work efficiently to have a new battery to be installed into your car.

Most batteries are designed to last from one year up to four and specific batteries are designed to fit into certain cars. Our knowledge and skills ensures that we correctly install the proper battery for your car. This is by inspecting all external parts of the battery and seeing if they match your car. The battery needs to fit into the battery tray, the terminal posts need to be the correct size and on the correct side as well as be powerful enough. All these important factors and determinants are considered carefully by our expert team and we guarantee that we place the right battery for your car.  In brief, we disconnect the current battery, remove all the batter restraints, clean and inspect the terminal and then we install the new battery and connect it to the terminals. Additionally, our services for battery replacement are quick with most of the time only taking half an hour to complete.

How Do I Know When My Car’s Battery Needs To Be Replaced?

As mentioned before, a car battery lasts for one to four years. If you inspect that the battery is still in the car for longer than it should last this may mean that replacement should occur to prevent further complications. However, most people will only know that their car needs replacements after specific issues or concerns arise. Here are the more common situations which replacement of the car battery must be done:

Engine cranking however the car does not turn on

This is the more common response to replacing a car battery which happens to most people. This occurrence is a result often from a flat battery within the car. Also, it may be from the engine ignition or fuel system having a problem. If not, then this problem could also be a result from loose or corroded battery terminals causing an unreliable connection to form. Thus, this stops electricity from being conducted to the starter motor of the car. If one of or more of these issues are present, car replacement is needed so the engine can start again. Also, to mention that these issues may be a result of the battery’s age. Moreover,  from lights and other car accessories being on for too long or other components of the car’s charging system failing to work properly.

The engine does not crank at all 

If you realise that the engine is not cranking or even the lights and other accessories not turning on/ working then the battery must be flat. Similar to the situation above, there are numerous factors which have resulted in the battery not working. For example, age or internal damage, the flat battery should be replaced as soon as possible.

Jump starting is a common action

If you constantly have to jump start your car then the battery is of course the main problem. It may be from a failing alternator or a slow power drain that may have caused the continuous jump start. Whatever the origin for the problem is, the main focal point is that the car battery has been damaged from the large amount of jump starts. Evidently, it may need replacement s as it could not work anymore after the constant wear and tear of the battery system.

The battery is cracked, leaking or swollen

A cracked or swollen battery case, or leaking battery acid is happening with the car battery then car battery replacement is important. These issues are something which you should identify, and if you notice them that that is a clear sign that the current battery is not working/ will not soon and a new one is needed.

Trusted Car Battery Replacement Services

We here at Peninsula Auto Clinic know exactly how to replace a battery, the best one for your car and know how to fix any damage. Located 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale, we will work efficiently so you can use your car as soon as possible, as well as safely so the battery causes no harm to you. Our car battery services are only a call away on 9999 2553, or email us at  today!