How Do I Balance Tyres?

When the wheels of a car are not functioning correctly, tyre replacement can help but wheel balancing may assist. Wheel balancing is a method for making sure the tyres are not unbalanced through performing specific tests and actions. This process is for safety reasons to ensure that the tyres do not wear away and allow for a smoother drive. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our Automotive Services covers tyre balancing and is offered to all of the Northern Beaches. We have been working with tyres for over 25 years while also having the licensing to perform the mechanical job. 

Balancing tyres is a type of tyre repair which should be handled by professional mechanics. It involves placing weights on parts of a tyre using specific machinery to determine where the tyre is unbalanced. Tyre imbalances can be from static or dynamic imbalances or from a lack of maintenance, such as missing rotation schedules.

The Process of Tyre Balancing

When the tyres are balanced there is specific machines and tools which are utilised to see if ow where the tyre is unbalanced. The wheel is placed on the machine which spins the wheel in a way which mirrors it driving. Lasting for around 10 seconds, the machine will identify if there are any areas of the tyre which are unbalanced. 

As a result, the licensed mechanic will place counterweights on certain areas to ensure the tyre’s weights is distributed evenly. A final test is also performed to see if the weights were incorporated properly, completed by placing the wheel back on the machine. This process is simple, shorter in time and makes a large difference in the quality of the tyres and drive. 

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Warning Signs That the Tyre is Unbalanced

There are multiple signs and symptoms which will be noticed that indicates that the tyres are unbalanced. These warning signs of unbalanced tyres can include:

  • Vibrations – When driving around 50-60km and the car, especially the steering wheel, begins to vibrate then the tyres may be unbalanced. The vehicle’s weight is designed to be evenly distributed over the width of each tyre. Therefore, when the wheels are not balanced, with one part of the tyre carrying more weight, then they will not rotate properly causing them to vibrate.   
  • Bad Wheel Bearings and Shock Absorbers – These systems can become damaged from the unbalanced tyres due to the amount of stress given to them. Loud noises or poor steering, as well as \noticing that the car is not driving smoothly, are common signs.
  • Steering Issues – The vibrations experienced can lead to steering being a lot more difficult to do. Delayed or unresponsive steering can be some issues experienced which are dangerous as well. 
  • Excess or Uneven Tire Tread Wear – When the tyre treads are wearing away or have been worn out unevenly, not across the whole tyre, then the wheels may be unbalanced. The excessive pressure on the specific section will cause the tyre to wear more quickly than the other parts of the tyre. The chance of the tyres becoming flat, therefore, increases due to the unbalancing. 
  • Fuel Usage Increasing – Due to the unbalanced tyres spinning on uneven levels the system then has to work harder. In turn, more power is needed to turn the wheels, as a result, the fuel is consumed more. 

Static and Dynamic Imbalances

Imbalances with the tyres can also be classified from static or dynamic imbalances:

  • Static – these are when light or heavy spots are on the tyre making it not roll correctly. An up-and-down motion will occur, therefore, the car will hop/bounce or vibrate.
  • Dynamic – when there is an uneven weight on one side or both of the tyres then a side-to-side movement will occur. Like static, the process of wheel balancing will resolve these complications.

An unbalanced tyre situation should never be prolonged because there can be some serious issues which can build up. A professional will make sure that the wheels are working correctly which overall will save money rather than leaving it for too long. Visit Transport for NSW for more information about why unhealthy tyres can be dangerous.

Tyre Rotation and General Maintenance

Wheels being unbalanced is often due to tyre alignment issues or simple wear and tear. Additionally, when a Car Service has not been scheduled and performed for long periods of time the tyres have not receives the needed maintenance checks. In regards to tyre balancing it should occur after every 5,000km driven. This is to ensure that the wheels are driving smoothly, and not damaging/ influencing other parts of the car. The process only lasts for a short amount of time and is relatively affordable. 

For more information on what occurs within a car service, read our insightful blog with useful advice. 

Tyre rotation is another tyre repair which involves swapping the place which the tyres are located. This type of general maintenance is extremely important to make certain that the tyres are evenly wearing away. As a result, tyre rotation also helps with stopping wheel balancing issues. Due to the tyres being moved and receiving the same amount of wear, therefore, the tyres will not be unbalanced. 

Expert Tyre Balancing Services

When needing tyre balancing services and living in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, contact Peninsula Auto Clinic. Our Car Repair services include us working on repairing tyres, such as balancing them out. We have over 25 years of experience working as licensed mechanics, as well as understand how to efficiently balance tyres.

Including Mona Vale where we are located, we offer our services to Narrabeen, Elanora and all other Northern Beaches suburbs. We guarantee that our tyre balancing service is the most reliable and effective for those needing professional help. We make sure to always complete the project on-time, as well as apply expert methods and advanced tools.  For quality Tyre Balancing services in the Northern Beaches – contact Peninsula Auto Clinic on 9999 2553 or email us at Located at 7 Perak Street, we promise to always work at our best, utilise our experience and perform to the best of our professional abilities.