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Delivering quality Mechanic service to the residents of Warriewood is by the trusted Peninsula Auto Clinic. Warriewood is a large suburb in the Northern Beaches and includes many different natural and built environments. Warriewood Square is the major commercial area of the suburb and is a place which has many supermarkets, clothing stores and food places for the community to use. Moreover, there is an increase in the amount of semi-detached housing with old farming land being built upon recently. With this, there are still a lot more individual houses in the suburb with fewer apartments and flats. Additionally, nature is still abundant in the area with places like Warriewood Wetlands and Warriewood Beach. These places are amazing for recreational times and appreciating the beauty of the natural area. To make sure that each person in Warriewood has their car in the best position and health, Peninsula Auto Clinic offers quality mechanical service. We have trained and are skilled to work on all types and models of cars while making sure that each part of the car is safe and smooth to drive.

Licensed Mechanic Team Helping Warriewood’s Locals

Peninsula Auto Clinic is the best mechanic servicers which Warriewood residents should always rely on to work on their car. Within our expert services, we offer general maintenance, inspections, repairs and replacements on all parts and systems of the car. Moreover, this is due to the fact that all our team have trained and gathered the certification to have the ability to be more flexible. Because our professional team all know how to work in all parts of the car, it is easier for us to identify issues and know how to repair them. Similarly, we work with advanced and current technologies and techniques for an overall better result and effeicenty work speed.

For instance, when we work on car battery replacement a careful approach and doing of the task is required so we do not damage any other part. Along with this, we perform extra work by cleaning the surrounding system and performing tests to see if the car battery works correctly. In the end, each service which we provide is always in the responsibility of trained mechanics who are passionate workers. Similarly, our strive is that each service is completed with the most amount of professional effort, meaning each action and step is with full attention and efficiency.

Automatic Transmission Service

In a vehicle with an automatic transmission system, drivers no longer need to take charge when shifting gears. Its automatic operation requires it to be at its optimal state at all times. Without a working transmission system, the car will not be able to move. New and old car owners should be wary of easily identifiable signs that their automatic transmission system needs the attention of a qualified mechanic. A burning smell, fluid leaks from the transmission system and abnormal movement and sound are some indicators of a failing transmission. When this happens, our team is always ready to help. We have years of experience and training to easily diagnose and repair any transmission issues.

Clutch Service

With most cars plying the roads of Sydney being automatic, we still cater to vehicles running on a manual transmission. Our Northern Beaches mechanics are experts in fixing and servicing clutch systems in manual transmission vehicles. This car service will see our team members doing a thorough inspection and testing each part of the system to ensure that all are working. We are experts in all clutch system issues. We have been repairing clutch master cylindrical failure, clutch fluid leaks and clutch vibrations or shudders, among many other problems.

Subaru Mechanic Inspection

Subaru car owners in the Northern Beaches area have long trusted our mechanics for their needed vehicle inspection. We have fully qualified and experienced professionals who are experts in all models and years of Subaru vehicles. We can help those who need an eSafety Check or pink slip inspection. We also offer logbook servicing specific to Subaru cars. This service includes the inspection of the air filters, brakes and suspension system, fluids and oils replacement and general cleanup of the vehicle.

Tyre Replacement

Tyres are constantly put into harsh conditions while driving. This reason is enough for car owners to have their vehicles’ tyres regularly inspected by a highly qualified Mona Vale mechanic. Our team has extensive knowledge of all tyres of different sizes and brands, including their needed repairs and replacement. The frequency of taking a car for tyre replacement depends on several factors. How the car is used, the type of driving and how harsh acceleration and braking occurs are some factors that may either require more frequent visits to our shop.

Suspension Service

Cars experiencing rough drives, drifting or pulling when turning corners and tyres that easily wear should bring their vehicle over for suspension service. This car service ensures that every part of the suspension system is working as it should be. A properly functioning car suspension reduces the impact of shock forces, controls the vehicle’s weight while driving and ensures the right contact between the tyres and the road. All of our Northern Beaches mechanics are ready to assist with any suspension system issue the car is experiencing. Each of them is committed to only providing not only the best car repair and service but also seamless and world-class customer service.

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Located at 7 Perak Street, Peninsula Auto Clinic provides the best Mechanic support within the Northern Beaches, specifically for Warriewood residents. We are situated within Mona Vale making it extremely easy for Warriewood locals to have their car trusted with us. Our services are truly exceptional with all our car service, car repairs, replacements, tests and other jobs. Contacting us is the right choice to make for a mechanical service – call 9999 2553. Our team is always committed and focused on making sure that your specific car is in its best state at all times.