Car Service Ingleside

Professional Car Service Ingleside

Providing quality Car Service work to all of Ingleside is us here at Peninsula Auto Clinic. Located within the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Ingleside is over 28km north of the main Sydney CBD. Ingleside has mostly semi-rural properties with over 1,000 people living in the suburb. Katandra Bushland Sanctuary and Tumble Down Dick Hill are two main natural areas of Ingleside and have plenty of flora and fauna.

The Smoky Dawson Ranch, and the Sydney Bahai Temple are three main landmarks of Ingleside as well. For all car servicing needs, Peninsula Auto Clinic is the best to call for when living in Ingleside. Working effectively, safely and efficiently our mechanics will always perform the best car service for Ingleside.

Servicing all Cars Properly

Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our car service has us professionally working on all types of cars. For Ingleside, our auto service has us using quality parts and a range of car services to provide quality assistance. The auto repair service comes at a great price along with our qualified mechanics working effectively at all times. When looking for servicing to suit a specific car our car maintenance is the best fit for all types of cars. Due to our licensing, we are equipped with the knowledge and tools to be able to work on all cars. With the car service cost being low, our expert servicing and repair work is the best for Ingleside.

Having a car service is important with a minor and major service both needed. This is to prevent the short term damage to the car and have the car running smoothly long term. This is why we highly recommend booking a service when the time is right to ensure that major repairs in the future do not need to occur.

When the car is due for a service, our car mechanic workers will provide the best car service for Ingleside. Our vehicle inspections, general work, such as tyre repairs, and overall service are better than anywhere else in the Northern Beaches. Our trusted car service performed here at our service centre will make sure that your car will drive perfectly and safely.

Ingleside and Quality Car Services

Peninsula Auto Clinic promises that our Car Service which we offer to Ingleside is the best suited for the suburb. We have over 25 years of experience working on cars and have services multiple different types and models. Therefore, whenever we service we make sure to use our experience and expertise to our advantage for providing quality servicing.

Moreover, our Car Repair work has all types of damage related to the car properly fixed. Additionally, our article on ‘what needs to be in a car service’ provides quality information on what happens in a car service. Located at 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale, overall, for Ingleside our car service is the one to call for – dial 9999 2553 or email us at We promise that our mechanics will perform the best car service that all Ingleside residents should use.