Brake Service – Everything You Need To Know!

A brake service involves maintenance and repairs on the brakes of a car. The braking system of a car is extremely important so undergoing regular brake services is necessary. The Car Service which Peninsula Auto Clinic offers to the Northern Beaches includes the brakes. Our mechanics understand everything about brake services and always ensures they are repaired and serviced correctly. 

A brake service will often involve an inspection of the braking system and cleaning the parts. Parts including the disc brakes, brake pads, rear drum and bake fluids are all specifically looked at as well. A brake repair can also occur if any part is damaged. The service should happen every 80,000km and costs around $180 – to $450 depending on what is involved. 

Brake Service Everything You Need To Know Peninsula Auto Clinc

What Is A Brake Service?

Brake services are performed by qualified mechanics who operate in professional service centres. These mechanical operators will ensure that the brakes are inspected and checked for defects. If needed, they will perform repairs but will always perform specific types of jobs. Each brake service is performed correctly and will give total peace of kind to the car owner. 

What Happens within a Brake Service

Here is a general overview on what tasks are often performed within a brake service:

  • Inspections – the whole system is inspected for any defects or faulty parts. The mechanic will follow the manufacture’s guidelines and understand how the specific car type and model functions. When a customer states there could be issues, such as squeaks, then the mechanic will further investigate the problem. 
  • Rear Drums – mechanics will lubricate and clean the rear drums and areas around them. Removing dust or adjusting some parts can also happen if needed.
  • Disc Brakes – the mechanical professional will clean the callipers and the pads by removing them. This is performed to make certain that these two parts are not sticking or colliding together. Also, if there is rust on the part then cleaning the rust off is performed. 
  • Brake Fluids – the brake fluids are topped up and should be every one to three years. The fresh and clean fluid replaces the old one ensuring the brakes are working properly.
  • Brake Pad – every 25,000km the brakes pads should be replaced with new ones. Within the service, the brakes pads will be replaced if it is needed as the old ones are worn out. 

How Long is a Brake Service and How Often Should they Occur?

A general brake service often takes around 1-2 hours to complete depending on the difficulty and needed steps. The car type and brand will influence how often a brake service should happen. Additionally, how the car is driven, where and how much will also impact the braking system.

It is encouraged that a brake service should be completed every 8,000 – 11,000km or once every 4 – 6 months. If this is not possible then at least having the service once a year of after every 19,000km is highly recommended.

How Much Does a Brake Service Cost

Each mechanic will charge differently and the number of tasks performed will influence prices. Overall, a brake service can cost around $130 to $400, other factors can change the final price.  

For more information on what we charge for a brake service – contact us on 9999 2553 to know more about our affordable service. 

Signs that Indicate a Brake Service is Needed

There are many signs, some small and some more noticeable, which clearly indicate a brake service is needed, such as:

  • Noises when Braking – if squeaky or grinding noises happen when the brakes are pressed then the pads might be worn out. The noise will become worse the longer the pads are not repaired. 
  • Soft or Low Brake Pedal – when pushing the brake pedal and it is softer or goes lower the brake pads might need to be replaced. If this is left untouched for too long there can be serious problems towards the brake system.
  • Handbrake Issues – the handbrake utilises the same callipers, rotors and pads which the brakes use. When the handbrake is up but the car continues to roll then the brake pad might need replacing. 
  • Brake Warning Light – when the brake warning light turns off it is important to have the service as soon as possible.
  • Braking Performance Decrease – when braking, if the car rolls after the brakes have been pressed then there are issues present. 

Why Are Brake Services Important

It is highly recommended that people invest in undergoing a brake service when the time is right. Here are some of the many benefits which come from a brake service:

  • Safety – having a brake service will ensure that the brakes will be working properly. It is good knowing that the brakes will function correctly and not fail to work. The brakes offer serious prevention of accidents and without properly working ones it is extremely dangerous. 
  • Noise Reduction – the braking system failing will often cause noises which are not pleasant. The noise will become louder the longer the serviced is ignored, therefore, having the service will stop the sound.  
  • Prevention – service will ensure that all parts are healthy and working perfectly. It will also identify issues earlier which will help with limiting huge costs from developing. The brakes will work for longer and potential failures and costs are prevented. 

Reliable Northern Beaches Brake Service Mechanic

Peninsula Auto Clinic offers the best car service when it comes to brakes. Our licensed mechanics will ensure to look at all the parts and systems of the brake and service them correctly. We are available and vital to be contacted by all of the Northern Beaches, including Newport, Terrey Hills and Avalon

We encourage reading our blog ‘how often you should service the car’ for more information on the best times of car services. Also, we offer Car Repair services, which is especially helpful for people who already know they have brake issues. Our mechanic shop is located on 7 Perak St Mona Vale NSW – Contact us now at for professional brake services!