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Qualified Mechanic Newport

Peninsula Auto Clinic provides the best Mechanic services in the Northern Beaches, specifically for Newport. Within the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Newport homes over 9,300 people and is surrounded by water. The suburb was originally a place where people and supplies were often delivered and now is a residential suburb. Surrounding it, there is plenty of oceans which offer amazing ocean views to home and business owners. Similarly, the beaches of Newport Beach and Bungan Beach are astounding places as well. The whole environment of the beaches, the waves, sand and natural beauty, offer specular ways for the community to enjoy their spare time.

Along with the beaches, the Newport Surf Life Saving Club allows more community participation and events. The Newport Hotel Arms also offers pubs and restaurants for everyone to utilise, being popular on weekends. Bungan Head and also Salt Pan Cove are other natural places where Newport’s beauty is highlighted. Peninsula Auto Clinic promises that our mechanic workers are the most professional and reliable within the Northern Beaches.

Professional Mechanic Team Working Efficiently

In our auto shop, the expert mechanical team are always working at their best for each Newport resident. Peninsula Auto Clinic continuously uses our experienced and skills to provide the best mechanic services to each of our customers. With this, our Car Service range is outstanding and we are able to provide a variety of quality jobs. Extending to both minor and major services, each time our qualified mechanics work on servicing the car, proper methods are used. We make sure that all parts and systems of the vehicle are correctly inspected and worked on to ensure the car drives safely.

Likewise, our Car Repair services are there to make sure that all damages and issues experienced are properly resolved. For example, working with the suspension system, all parts of the vehicle can be properly repaired. No type of damage is an issue with our mechanic team because we are experienced working with all difficulties. As highly trained and certified mechanics, we are always the best for any repair. Each resident in Newport should always rely on our team for providing the highest quality work

Car Service

At Peninsula Auto Clinic, a car service is all about ensuring that all cars driven around Sydney are roadworthy. This vehicle inspection service should be carried out every 10,000-15,000 kilometres driven for a minor car service while a major mechanic inspection occurs every 30,000-45,000km driven. For those confused about the difference between the two, a minor car service focuses on a small number of parts usually experiencing wear and tear. It includes assessing the washers and wipers of the windscreen, inspecting the air filters and testing the suspension system and steering wheel. For major car services, our mechanics do a full inspection of every part of the vehicle. Given the huge gap between this type of car service, our team conducts engine diagnosis, replaces the transmission oils and tests the battery, coolant and cooling system, among many other assessments.

Exhaust Repair

Regular maintenance of the exhaust system is a must for health and safety purposes. This car part is responsible for removing harmful fumes from every part of the vehicle. Vibrations, decreased fuel efficiency, and increased engine noises are some signs that the car’s exhaust system needs the attention of an expert Mona Vale mechanic. Each of our team members has spent years training and understanding the best approach to best deal with common issues experienced by this car part.

Brake Service

Safety is not the only advantage offered by routine brake inspections. Car owners also enjoy more savings and provide the brake system with a longer lifespan. With the help of our mechanics, we can assure that every car inspection on the brake system will deliver these benefits. In this vehicle inspection, our team assesses the brake pad, rear drum, disc brake and other parts of the vehicle’s brake system. Newport car owners continue to trust our services due to the work quality and commitment of our team to meet our customers’ expectations.

Pink Slip Inspections

Pink slip inspections or eSafety Checks is a must for vehicles aged five years and above. NSW law mandates this mechanic inspection to ensure the roadworthiness of every aging car driven across the state. This car service involves inspecting the car’s electrical components and doing a brake efficiency test. We also assess the vehicle’s suspension, driveline and exhaust system, among other car parts. We are also always ready to help when there’s a defective or missing part discovered. We are trained and experienced in all aspects of car repair, making it easier for car owners to have their registered as soon as possible.

Automatic Transmission Service

Vehicles with automatic transmission systems should immediately bring their cars if there is a burning smell while driving, the car is not working, and there is difficulty adjusting gears. The car’s transmission system plays a vital role in making the car move. Without a working automatic transmission system, it will be stationary until a mechanic resolves the issue. Our team best recommends having any transmission system regularly brought to our shop to prevent issues and for a safe and comfortable drive every time. 

Professional Mechanics For All Newport

Experienced Mechanic workers by Peninsula Auto Clinic operate at expert levels for all Newport residents. Each mechanic is fully licensed and can perfectly work on any needed job to any sort of car. Likewise, the team work fast and hard to ensure the whole car is working well. Any issue or request is properly handled, moreover, we operate at affordable prices.

Located at 7 Perak Street, our mechanics can work on any car within Newport, call us on 9999 2553 or email us at We also recommend knowing what needs to be in a car service to be more familiar with the process. No matter the type of work, our the mechanic workers with us are the best for each job. The team of professional mechanics are experts in the trade and are provided to all Newport community members.