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Certified Avalon Mechanic Avalon

The best Mechanic service for Avalon residents to utilise is from the trusted and qualified staff at Peninsula Auto Clinic. Avalon is a suburb on the east coast of the Northern Beaches which is home to 10,000 people. This suburb is large in its size and has amazing natural sites within and around. The points of Bangalley Head and Careel Head offer amazing lookouts to the surrounding ocean and seas. Also, these locations allow residents to walk within the reserves they are located in and experience the natural flora and fauna. Avalon Beach is a great place for surfers to enjoy, while also the beach contains a large water rock pool. The beach has a surf life saving club that allows residents to volunteer and learn new and important skills. Moreover, the Avalon RSL holds bowling, sailing and golf clubs and activities for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, supermarkets, a cinema, cafes, workspaces and other shops are also located in the large commercial area. Peninsula Auto Clinic is accessible to each Avalon resident which we provide exceptional mechanical service to work on all cars

Qualified and Trusted Mechanical Staff

Welcoming every Avalon resident, here at Peninsular Auto Clinic our team is full of the best and most qualified mechanics. The services we offer are placed there for anyone to use because we want everyone to have a healthy and safe car. That is why we also recommend utilising all of our services to regularly make sure that your car’s systems are running fine and not in danger of being damaged. For example, we recommend having your transmission serviced every 15 months through us to ensure that the system is working properly, in turn driving safe. Moreover, when you have experienced signs and symptoms that clearly indicate a service/ repair of some kind we are there to help. For example, tyre replacement and repair through our mechanics will ensure that each tyre is repaired/ replaced at affordable costs. Whatever the work is, your car will be properly inspected for any defects or faults to then be serviced properly. Each job is treated with the same amount of professional respect, meaning we work to our best ability every time. All Avalon residents can know that their car will be in quality hands by our mechanics here at Peninsula Auto Clinic.

Brake Service

A properly working brake system is a must for every drive. A roadworthy vehicle can accelerate and stop properly to make sure that the driver and his passengers are safe and comfortable. To maintain this condition, car owners need this vehicle inspection. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, our brake service sees our Northern Beaches mechanics going through each part of the brake system. Each of our mechanics guarantees that the disc brake, rear drum and brake pads, among other things, are working at their tip-top shape. Routine maintenance also saves cash in the long run, as owners are less likely to spend on emergency repairs and replacements.

Clutch Service

Our mechanics are also experts in guaranteeing the ultimate performance of the vehicle’s clutch after doing a clutch service. Car owners need to bring their vehicle for this service every 100,000km driven. Abiding by this routine prevents clutch master cylindrical failure, slipping clutch and clutch fluid leak, among other issues. We have more than two decades of experience dealing with any root cause behind any clutch issue. This experience allows us to provide better solutions that promise a long lifespan.

Pink Slip Inspection

In NSW, vehicles more than five years old should undergo a car inspection popularly known as pink slip inspection. An eSafety Check involves performing a thorough assessment of whether the car is roadworthy or not. This mechanic inspection sees our experts doing a brake efficiency test, inspecting the driveline and possible engine leaks and assessing tyre quality and thread depth, among other checks. When we find defects, we are also ready to help provide the best resolution for the discovered issue. Our team has the needed experience and knowledge to handle common vehicle issues.

Car Battery Inspection and Replacement

A defective car battery may leave drivers and their passengers in the middle of nowhere. It is the reason to also have the vehicle’s battery checked regularly. It is easy for anyone to detect when a car battery needs professional help or replacement. Jump starting, the engine not cranking at all and the battery appearing swollen or cracked are indicators to bring the car over to our shop. While most batteries last for up to four years, regular car inspection is needed to ensure that there are no leaks or any other problems. Our team has the expertise to make sure that the battery in the vehicle fits the battery tray, terminal post and other factors that may impact its performance.

4WD Car Service

Vehicles with 4WD capability are prone to breakdowns as they are used significantly different from those mostly driven in urban settings. These vehicles’ front and rear differentials, brake lines, shock absorbers and transfer cases need more attention due to the pressure they face when taken off-road. Our team has the experience, knowledge and tools needed to ensure the roadworthiness of any 4WD vehicle. Our team recommends bringing it over every 10,000 – 15,000km driven or more frequently depending on the model and brand of the car.

Expert Avalon Car Mechanic

Providing what is best for Avalon, Peninsula Auto Clinic provides the best car service with our trusted Mechanic team. When we inspect, repair or test a car, each job is placed with the same amount of importance as we know that your car is important for you. We never perform faulty jobs, as well as make sure the car does not leave in an unsafe status. Our shop is in Mona Vale making it an easy trip for living in Avalon and having your car being in our care. Located at 7 Perak Street, you can contact us through calling 9999 2553 otherwise email us at so we can make sure your car is in its greatest health.