Car Battery Replacement – Everything You Need To Know!

A car battery replacement is a type of car service which some people ignore or do not know they need. The car battery is what provides electrical power to cars for it to drive. It is important that the car’s battery is not flat but working perfectly. Here at Peninsula Auto Service one of our many Car Service work is replacing a battery. We know exactly what battery each car uses and also work efficiently to replace it. 

A car battery replacement includes replacing the old battery with a new one while cleaning the terminals. The battery of modern cars lasts for around one to four years with replacing it is a quicker service. A mechanic should perform the task because it can be dangerous and recommend the right battery for the car. 

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How Does A Car Battery Replacement Work?

A qualified mechanic is highly recommended to complete the battery installation. As there are electrical systems involved, replacing a flat battery is more dangerous then it seems. A car battery replacement service often follows these general steps:

  1. Disconnecting the Battery – with the car turned off the battery is disconnected to all the terminals
  2. Removing Battery Restraints – holding the battery down are the restraints. These are removed and disconnected to allow the battery to be removed. 
  3. Cleaning and Inspecting Terminals – all cables and terminals are inspected for corrosion or damage. Each part is also cleaned while an anti-corrosion grease is used for more protection against corrosion. 
  4. Installing the New Battery – the battery best suited to the car is installed. All terminals are connected correctly and the restraints are placed. 
  5. Test – a battery test is applied to ensure that everything went well. This is simply done by turning on the car and also inspecting how the system works. 

The process of replacing a battery is quick with it only taking around 15 minutes. The time could be longer if any part needs to be replaced or further cleaning is needed. When an untrained person attempts to replace the battery it can take longer as they are unfamiliar with the process. This is another reason why a mechanic should perform the task because it will be much quicker. 

Signs that a Car Battery Replacement is Needed

The car battery is an important system within the car, without it the car will not start. When the battery starts to become weak or fail there are some signs and symptoms the car experiences. Here is a list of the more common signs that indicate the battery is dying:

  • Headlights are dim, the indicators are slow and other electrical issues develop
  • Terminals are coated in an excessive amount of discharge
  • Corrosion has formed on the terminals
  • It is hard to start the car, the car starts slowly or fails to turn on at all
  • The warning lights or low voltage indicators are shown
  • The battery case has become leaky, distorted or swollen
  • Knowing the battery is an old one which should be replaced

To avoid these problems from happening a quality battery should be installed. These issues can develop into something more serious which can cost much more and will need a Car Repair. Replacing the battery when it is going flat is needed to prevent further problems and costs from developing. 

Factors to Consider for Car Batteries

The type of battery to suit the specific car needs to be correct. A qualified mechanic will be able to easily identify what type of battery is the best for the vehicle. The external dimensions are important as the new battery needs to fit inside the battery tray. 

The terminal posts should be on the correct side of the new battery. This is to ensure that the terminals and other cables also fit inside the battery tray. 

Cold Cranking Amps

The battery should also be powerful enough for how the car is driven and the type of car. Also, the CCA rating of the battery should be a bit higher than the previous battery. This is a measure of the power of the battery with the higher the rating reflecting how powerful the battery is. 

If a car is driven every day it will need a stronger battery. A car which is driven on occasions and in small distances does not need a powerful battery. A mechanic will know the exact battery for the specific car and needs to best suit the car.

Battery Charging Service

To help keep the car battery healthy the option of a car battery charging service is possible. The service comes with a test to see the health of the battery and if it is failing. Using specific tools and techniques the battery is charged with specific machinery. Mechanics will charge the battery depending on the battery type, brand and size. 

Having the battery charged helps keep its performance good, extends its life and limits the chance of issues and breakdowns. For a regular sized battery the process generally takes around 3-12 hours. The size and the state of the battery will influence how long the battery is charged for. The battery is charged not inside the car which is an important factor to note. 

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Professional Battery Replacement Services

Peninsula Auto Clinic has been offering all of the Northern Beaches with car battery replacement services for over 25 years. Our professional mechanics will be able to identify which battery is best suited to your car and driving needs. We will remove the old battery, clean the system and install the new battery. 

Our high-quality car battery service is here for all of the Northern Beaches, including Avalon, Clareville and Collaroy. We encourage reading our blog ‘how often should you service the car’ to see why regular service is extremely important.  Our car battery replacement is here for everyone – contact us now on 9999 2553 or email us at We are located on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale where our car battery replacement service is here for the Northern Beaches to trust.