Mechanic Clareville

Professional Mechanic Clareville

Each Mechanic here at Peninsula Auto Clinic is fully qualified and best-suited for the people of Clareville. Within the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Clareville is a beach-side suburb which is smaller in size. The mostly residential suburb has amazing views of the adjacent waters which many homes in Clareville have views of. Long Beach is the main beach of the suburb, with Clareville Beach being a smaller one.

On Long Beach, the Clareville Beach Reserve is also present, the beach and reserve being a popular place for locals. Taylors Beach is another beach, furthermore, the Taylors Point Baths is an area where many will enjoy a peaceful swim. Peninsula Auto Clinic guarantees that our mechanics are the most trusted for all of Clareville’s residents.

Trusted Clareville Mechanical Team

The mechanics apart of our team are always able to perform any needed job for Clareville residents. Peninsula Auto Clinic has been open as a mechanic shop for over 25 years which has allowed us to grow from the experience. Additionally, our mechanics are all fully qualified and have trained properly which means they understand all there is about cars. With this, we guarantee that all Car Repair jobs to every single service are possible through our team.

Our mechanics are able to work on all brands, sizes and types of cars, as well as each system and section. No repair, service or general work will prevent our expert mechanics from working at their professional best. Also, we promise that our workers have the ability to work efficiently and effectively allowing us to return the car as soon as possible. With being passionate about their work along with being experienced, our mechanics always perform at their best.

For Clareville, we guarantee that when looking for a trusted and qualified mechanic that we are the best place. All of our mechanical workers have the certifications and training to know how to properly perform all types of work. Likewise, we operate safely on all cars, no matter the job, and work with skilful techniques. From a suspension service to working on the air conditioner, each job is performed correctly and professionally.

Reliable and Licensed Mechanics

Peninsula Auto Clinic promises that when Clareville residents are looking for the best Mechanic we are the ones to contact. All the mechanics with us are experienced professionals who are also all licensed to carry out any form of mechanical work. Also, our team are passionate workers which will focus on each task and utilise the best methods.

Additionally, our Car Service work is here for Clareville which we strongly recommend as well. Furthermore, we encourage reding our blog on ‘how to change the tyre in 10 simple steps’ to know the simple process and learn a useful skill. For all of Clareville needing a mechanic – contact Peninsula Auto Clinic on 9999 2553 or email us at We promise that we are the best mechanical team for the suburb in which we will perform any needed job perfectly. We are located at 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale!