Wheel Balancing Vs Wheel Alignment

Electronic wheel balancing and wheel alignment are both different services relating to the tyres. Each Car Service fixes issues which are from the wheel and can disrupt driving. Peninsula Auto Clinic offers both wheel balancing and alignment services which are performed by our certified mechanics. With over 25 years of experience, we know the differences and importance of these services. 

With electronic wheel balancing it focuses on placing weights on certain points of the tyre to ensure it rotates evenly. Wheel alignment is a service which will straighten the actual wheel to ensure it drives straightly. Both of these services focus on the wheels and tyres but to undergo the service depends on specific issues. 

What is Wheel Balancing?

Wheel balancing is where a tyre is placed on a wheel balancing machine to see if there are any imbalances. It focuses on placing weights where the wheel could be unbalanced and affect the drive. The tyre weight distribution is made even through small weights placed on certain points. The machine will indicate where the weights should be placed and what exact weight. 

Wheel Balancing Vs Wheel Allignment Peninsula Auto Clinic

Signs Of Unbalanced Tyres

There are many signs that will indicate if the wheels are unbalanced at all. Even a small amount of imbalances can really cause a negative impact. Here is a list of the more common issues which unbalanced tyres will experience:

  • Steering wheel vibration is common, especially when driving at low or high speeds
  • The tread of the tyre has worn unevenly or quickly
  • The fuel runs out quicker than it usually would
  •  When driving the car feels uneven 

Why Balance Tyres?

Balancing tyres regularly is crucial in maintaining the health of the tyres. It is recommended that the process occurs after every 8,000 to 10,000km or at least every six months. Here are the main benefits which come with balancing wheels:

  • The lifespan of the tyres will increase meaning they will not need to be replaced for a longer time
  • Imbalances in the wheel are always going to occur. The service will ensure that the tyres are balanced before further issues develop
  • Balancing the tyes will change for each service. Having them balanced will keep the wheels consistent in their weight distribution. 

For more information on wheel balancing, read our blog article for greater insight into the service. 

What is Wheel Alignment?

Tyre alignment services are different from wheel balancing as it focuses on keeping the wheels straight. The process adjusts the suspension system which connects all the tyres to the car. The wheels are adjusted, as well as the angle to ensure they are all evenly aligned.  

Wheel Balancing Peninsula Auto Clinic

Camber, Toe and Caster Issues

These parts are the main areas which a qualified mechanic will inspect firstly. These all have their own properties and the mechanic will be concerned with these mostly.


The camber is the outward or inward angle which the tye is viewed when standing from the front. If there is too much tilt, wither inward or outward, then there is an alignment issue. The positive or negative camber will need to be adjusted as this negatively impacts the car. Causing this issue could be from the wheel-suspension, ball joints or bearings being worn or damaged. 


When viewed from above the toe is what indicates if the tye is not aligned. It is similar to camber but is focused from a bird-eye-view angle with the wheel pointing inward or outward. When the tyes face these ways it is not healthy and will need an adjustment as soon as possible.


Caster refers to how the tyre is aligned when viewed from the side of the car. The caster angle is what assists with stability, cornering and steering. A positive caster means that the angle of the tyre is titled towards the driver. Therefore, a negative caster has the wheel titled to the front of the car. These angles will need to be resolved as the driving efficiency of the car will be greatly impacted. 

Signs Of Unaligned Tyres

When the car’s wheels are aligned poorly then there will be many issues the car experiences. They can be from looking directly at the wheels to even noticing it when driving. Here are the main signs that might mean the wheels are unaligned:

  • When driving straight the steering wheel is off centre
  • The tread of the tyre has worn away unevenly
  • The steering wheel vibrates much more commonly than it should
  • When driving the car moves more to the left or right 
  • Looking at the car from different angles and views it is obvious that they are aligned incorrectly

Why Align Tyres?

Undergoing an aligning service is extremely important in keeping the tyres healthy and improving the driving quality. It is highly encouraged that the service occurs twice a year or every 10,000km. Here are the main reasons why performing this service is critical:

  • The tyres are healthy for longer periods of time increasing its life span and decreasing the chance of a repair
  • Each wheel will not feather, or the tread wears away unevenly
  • The tread will also not wear away on the outside or inside only leaving it uneven
  • The performance of the car is kept good as the wheels are properly moving

Trusted Electronic Wheel Balancing and Alignment Services

Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our licensed mechanics are the best for performing an electric wheel balancing and alignment service. With over 25 years of experience, we can operate on all cars and tyres, perfectly balancing and aligning them. As a Northern Beaches mechanic service, we offer our expcetional services to everyone. We also specialise in Car Repair work, which includes all systems and parts which are damaged. 

Our wheel alignment and balancing service are here for all of the Northern Beaches, including Warriewood, Bilgola and Whale Beach. When the tyres are unbalanced or unaligned contact Peninsula Auto Clinic on 9999 2553 or at peninsulaautoclinic@hotmail.com. We are located on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale and can perform the service on all cars.