Car Service Northern Beaches

Certified Car Service Northern Beaches

Peninsula Auto Clinic provides the whole Northern Beaches community with one of the best Car Service in Sydney. Located north of the CBD, the Northern Beaches is a group of suburbs that is along the east coast of Sydney. The district has a high population and contains many commercial areas. For example, Westfield Warringah Mall is located in Brookvale and is a large shoppig centre holding hundreds of shops, some supermarkets and restaurants. Additionally, Warriewood Square is a smaller shopping zone that is also popular for many people living around the suburb of Warriewood. Additionally, there are amazing parks and natural reserves in the Northern Beaches. For instance, Governor Phillip Lookout in Beacon Hill offers amazing natural walks and outstanding views of the area. Additionally, Cromer Park has many different sporting grounds that are of high quality and are valuable for the community to enjoy. Located in Mona Vale, Peninsula Auto Clinic offers the greatest car service on the Northern Beaches for everyone. Our team are all completely licensed and qualified, as well as skilled to prived the best serving on all ranges of cars.

Servicing All Types of Cars

Providing all Northern Beaches residents with quality Car Service is us here at Peninsula Auto Clinic. When your car is due for a service, we make sure to properly do all the tasks and work involved. Additionally, we can advise when it is best for a car service, either minor or major. When we do both minor and major car service, our car mechanic team works at their best. A car inspection occurs at the beginning of the service to identify if there are any major concerns with the car. Then, we will place the specific tasks that are involved in the minor service or the major service. Often they will both include some sort of car maintenance and car repair for the different systems involved. For example, common to both services is inspecting the brake system, repairing any damage and refilling the brake fluid. Overall, we have great knowledge in car servicing and our qualified team can work on all types of cars. Peninsula Auto Clinic is the best car servicer in the whole of the Northern Beaches, working efficiently and professionally.

Efficient Same Day Car Service

The best Car Service on the Northern Beaches is with Peninsula Auto Clinic, located at 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale. This is because our technical team is all qualified and passionate to have each car properly serviced. We want your car to be in its best state at all times which is why we always work to our best for your benefit. No matter how intense or long the service is, we make sure to always place our best effort and energy. To have the best car service and automotive services on the Northern Beaches, call us on 9999 2553 or email us at Your car will be in the hands of professionals who know exactly what to do when servicing any type of car.