Car Service Avalon

Car Service by the experienced Peninsula Auto Clinic, placed at high quality, is offered to each Avalon resident. The suburb of Avalon is within the Northern Beaches of Sydney with a population of 10,000 residents. There are many different beaches along the east and west side of the larger suburb for the whole community to enjoy. Avalon Beach is the most known with the waves and rock pool being a great place to have fun. This suburb also offers amazing views of the natural scenery of the and surrounding areas. Careel Head and Bangalley Head are the two main walkways which people are able to view from. They are higher in the suburb and are within natural spaces, allowing locals to have an understanding of their local flora and fauna.

Additionally, the commercial areas contain many different shops, along with supermarkets, an RSL and a bowling club. Moreover, there are sailing clubs, many cafes and small businesses, as well as a cinema to be enjoyed in Avalon. Peninsula Auto Clinic will always be the greatest place for each Avalon resident to have their car serviced by professional and reliable mechanics.

Servicing on All Car Systems

We make sure that for each Car Service we provide to each Avalon resident, that it is completed successfully and efficiently. This means that our servicing centre is equipped with the highest quality of machinery and tools. Furthermore, each vehicle serviced will be properly handled by qualified mechanics that have worked with all types of cars. The great service we provide comes from a range of car services, car maintenance and car repairs. With more than 25 years of experience within the trade, our services and repairs are of high value.

The car mechanics at our auto repair shop will be able to perform car inspection tasks on each different system. Furthermore, our car repair services will cover each component and part involved in all areas of the car. Also, both minor and major car services include these tasks along with all the needed jobs. We promise that working with us here at Peninsula Auto Clinic will see that your car will be properly serviced. Avalon can always trust us when needing experienced mechanics to work on their car, making sure everything is working right.

Quality Car Service Near Me

We guarantee that for each Avalon resident trusting Peninsula Auto Clinic for expert Car Service is the right way to go. We never perform faulty jobs and always work to our best at all times. Each car can be serviced by our car mechanics as they have experience working on a large variety of different cars. Along with working on time, our focused team always know exactly what to do and how to work safely.

Call Peninsula Auto Clinic on9999 2553 or email us at if needing trusted car servicing and living in Avalon. We can always be contacted, also, when there are questions with what needs to be in a car service. We are located at 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale!