Different Mechanic Types In Australia

There are many different mechanic types that work on different vehicles and perform various jobs. From auto mechanics to heavy vehicle mechanics, each mechanic works on maintenance and repair jobs. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic our mechanic team is skilled in many different fields and can carry out a wide variety of jobs. From working with engines, brakes to the suspension, our certified mechanics specialise in many fields. 

The main mechanic types are:

  • Auto Mechanic – works with light vehicles
  • Diesel Mechanic – specialises with diesel vehicles 
  • Heavy Vehicle Mechanic – operates with larger and industrial vehicles
  • Mobile Mechanic – performs basic mechanic tasks outside of an auto shop
  • Auto Electrician – works with electrical systems of vehicles

Different Mechanic Types In Australia

What are the Different Mechanic Types?

Auto Mechanic

Auto mechanics work with automotive technology and are also known as average light vehicle mechanics. The most common types of vehicles auto mechanics operate on include cars, motorcycles and trailers. Mechanics who work with light vehicles commonly perform the following tasks:

  • Car Service – carrying out regular maintenance work to inspect the car and ensure all parts function correctly.
  • Car Repair – any damages will be repaired, from the auto body to the lights, using correct tools and techniques.
  • Oil and Fluid Changes – fluids and oils, such as engine oil and transmission fluid, will be replaced. Leaks with oils and fluids within the car will also be resolved to prevent major damage. 
  • Suspension Services – suspension systems include multiple parts, including the shock absorbers, and will need to be serviced to ensure the vehicle drives correctly. 
  • Engine Jobs – auto mechanics will perform a variety of tasks involving the engine and ensuring the car drives perfectly. 

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Diesel Mechanic

These mechanics operate with diesel engines and vehicles to perform a variety of mechanic services. Diesel vehicles include a wide range of vehicles, including diesel cars, buses, farm equipment and trucks. Most times diesel mechanics will work to inspect, repair and perform maintenance work on the diesel vehicle. To following are the more common jobs that diesel mechanics will undergo:

  • Scheduled Maintenance – diesel mechanics will often inspect a diesel vehicle regularly to ensure that it is working perfectly. Any warning signs for potential issues or repairs will occur during the diesel scheduled maintenance. 
  • Diagnosing Issues – along with inspecting the vehicle, diagnosing and addressing any problems with the diesel vehicle is important. 
  • Replacements – especially with the larger diesel vehicles, mechanics will often replace parts, such as engines, suspensions and brakes.

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Heavy Vehicle Mechanic

Heavy vehicle mechanics are similar to auto mechanics in terms of the jobs they perform but the vehicles they operate on are different. They can operate on cars but focus specifically on heavy vehicles, including earthmoving and agriculture vehicles, trucks, buses and other larger vehicles. This means that working with heavy equipment and vehicles requires skills to operate on larger systems. The general jobs heavy vehicle mechanics will perform are:

  • Brake Service – to ensure the heavy vehicles can brake properly servicing them frequently is important.
  • Service and Diagnosis – regular servicing and looking for repairs to resolve them are important for heavy vehicles. 
  • Replacement Tasks – removing, dismantling and replacing engine, steering, transmission and other mechanical components are continuously performed to ensure the heavy vehicle works perfectly. 

Mobile Mechanic

Mobile mechanics are auto mechanics but perform jobs outside of a regular mechanic workshop. There are many advantages to working as a mobile mechanic as they will be able to work in more flexible locations. Their clients will be able to have their car serviced and repaired in a safe space over the auto shop, such as within driveways or office car parks. Similar to an auto mechanic, the types of jobs mobile mechanics carry out are:

  • Service – mobile car mechanics will perform minor and major service work on light vehicles. When people need their vehicles regularly serviced or it is time for the annual service then the mobile mechanic can perform the job in an easy location for them.
  • Repairs – similar to service work mobile mechanics can perform multiple repairs outside of the workshop. From repairing the lights, engine to the exhaust, mobile mechanics can perform these repair works.

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Auto Electrician

Auto electricians are different from regular electricians as they have been trained to operate with electrical components on vehicles. The main types of electrical parts of the car they operate on are the air conditioning, audio systems, lights and the alternator. Other systems that include electrical components, like the engine, car battery and brakes are also included. 

Auto electricians work with cars and also other types of vehicles, such as buses, construction vehicles, trucks and farming vehicles. This includes performing work on moving electrical arms, ensuring blades turn correctly to correctly fit the battery. Auto electricians are not the same as residential electricians but are focused on operating with electric parts of vehicles. 

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