The Difference Between a Mobile Mechanic and Workshop Mechanic

Both a mobile mechanic and a workshop mechanic are qualified individuals but work in different places. Where they work will appeal to different people and will determine what jobs they can perform. Mobile mechanics and workshop mechanics can carry out similar services and repairs. Peninsula Auto Clinic is here to help, offering variety of car services  through out  professional Northern Beaches mechanic team working in our Mona Vale auto shop

The main difference between a mobile mechanic and a workshop mechanic is that mobile mechanics work outside an auto shop. This means that the mobile mechanic service can carry out mechanical repairs and services at a person’s home or workplace – typically on the street or in a car park. Workshop mechanics operate in an auto shop that will have more tools and machinery available when compared to mobile mechanics.

The Difference Between A Mobile Mechanic And Workshop Mechanic

What are the Benefits of a Mobile Mechanic?

Mobile mechanics are professional mechanics with the proper qualifications but work outside a classic auto shop. They often will work in various locations to provide convenience to their clients, operating from homes to businesses. Mobile mechanics will have a van or truck with their tools and will perform repairs and services at any place. 

The main benefits which come with a mobile mechanic are:

  • Flexible Location – mobile mechanics are able to work in most locations, such as homes and workplaces. They often need a flat surface, away from busy roads and in a safe position to comfortably work. Most people will be able to facilitate this when they need their car serviced not in an auto shop. 
  • Emergency Mechanic – mobile mechanics can at times offer emergency services. This means that they can arrive if the car suddenly does not turn on or another issue has suddenly occurred. For example, when leaving work and there is a large oil leak then they will arrive and quickly repair the issue if possible.  
  • Variety of Services – as mobile mechanics are licensed mechanics they will perform both repairs and servicing jobs. They will be able to work with most car models and types and be flexible in their services. An example of a mobile mechanic service could be a quick car battery replacement with a general car inspection
  • Trustworthy – some people often have trust issues when it comes to a person operating on their car. As a mobile mechanic works where a person lives or work they can easily receive clarity on the process. Allowing the mechanic to work privately is important but the comfort of the car being worked on nearby is appealing to some.

What are the Benefits of a Workshop Mechanic?

Workshop mechanics are the classic mechanic who operates in an auto shop, often with other mechanical team members. The mechanic shop will be able to hold more cars and equipment and work on more advanced jobs. Workshop mechanics are certified professionals who are able to work on any car and carry out numerous different tasks. 

The main benefits which come with a workshop mechanic are:

  • Experts – workshop mechanics, especially those running the mechanical shop, will be fully qualified. Having completed all the required training and containing the needed certifications, workshop mechanics will be experts in their respective fields. Offering a variety of services is also more likely to occur with workspace mechanics as more tools and equipment are easily available and easy to use. 
  • Efficient – mechanics working in an auto shop will operate swiftly as the tools are easily available. Multiple mechanics working on a job will also increase the speed of the service. Even though dropping off and picking up the car might be a hassle, mechanics in workshops operate efficiently. 
  • Warranty – most mechanical auto shops offer a warranty with their mechanical services. If there is a problem due to the service or a common error keeps occurring it will be covered. 
  • Technology – auto shops will have the equipment needed to work with modern day cars which may be difficult for mobile mechanics to do. Mechanics operating in the auto shop will be more efficient and effective with the technological components of the car.

What Is More Expensive? 

Mobile mechanics can be slightly more expensive compared to an auto shop mechanic as they are physically driving and servicing your car from your desired location. If more complicated repairs are needed, a mobile mechanic may have to use an auto shop to complete the service.
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