What Is Included In An Automatic Transmission Service?

Are you wondering what is included in an automatic transmission service? An automatic transmission service involves working on the transmission system inside an automatic car. Mechanics who are also trained as transmission specialists will service and repair the system to ensure it functions correctly. Fluid checks to replace parts are all involved to ensure the vehicle’s transmission works safely and properly. Peninsula Auto Clinic offers the best Car Service on the Northern Beaches when it comes to an automatic transmission system. 

The main tasks which are included in an automatic transmission service are:

  • Fluid drain and refill – the old transmission fluid is removed and replaced with clean and fresh fluid.
  • Filter and gasket replacement – the filter and the gasket of the transmission system are replaced with newer ones.
  • General inspection – a general overlook of the auto transmission system, including a safety test.
  • Transmission repair – if there are any defects with the transmission then the mechanic will resolve the issue.

What Is Included In An Automatic Transmission Service

What Happens in an Automatic Transmission Service?

A licensed mechanic is highly recommended to contact in order to complete an auto transmission service . Due to the transmission having multiple parts involved it is important a qualified worker operates with the transmission. The main tasks which are involved in a regular automatic transmission service are:

Fluid Drain and Refill

The transmission oil and fluid help keep the parts of the system lubricated. The fluid also helps with keeping the transmission more efficient when operating and decreases the chance of parts breaking. This is why there needs to be proper levels of auto transmission fluid working inside the system. 

Mechanics will flush out the current fluid and replace it with the correct and new fluid. The exact amount of fluid will be accurate and the mechanic will use the fluid according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Filter and Gasket Replacement

The filter inside the transmission helps remove dirt and other contaminants from the whole system. When this filter becomes clogged or fails to remove dirt correctly then issues can quickly occur. The transmission system can become contaminated, dirty and overall not function as effectively. Repairs are also more likely to occur as parts in the auto transmission system will fail more likely. 

The mechanic carrying out the service will simply replace the filter and gasket of the current transmission system. New, clean and high quality gaskets and filters will be replaced and installed in the system. These will make certain that the automatic transmission functions correctly.

General Inspection

Involved in most great services with the auto transmission system is a general inspection of the unit. Mechanics will carry out an inspection on all individual parts and also how each section of the system functions together. Safety tests will also be performed to make sure that there are no dangers which could arise from the transmission system.

Transmission Repairs

If there are any known issues with the auto transmission system or some have been found during the inspection then the mechanic will correctly address them. The Car Repair will see the mechanic change and repair any sections of the transmission system which have some kind of fault. The repairs are completed swiftly and with quality tools to ensure the whole system works safely and properly. 

The most common repairs which would occur during the service are repairing any broken or fallen part in the transmission. If parts make noises or create smells which they should not be then this will also be fixed. Often if the auto transmission system does not change gears correctly, quickly or at all then this problem will be addressed as well.

How Do I Know if I Need an Automatic Transmission Service?

There are many signs a person can look out for if wanting to know if their transmission needs an urgent service. Most automatic cards should receive a transmission service once every 90,000 – 160,000km but it is recommended that the transmission is serviced at least every year. The main signs to look for that strongly indicate the need for an automatic transmission service are:

  • The transmission will not stay in its gear or has difficulty engaging in the specific gear
  • It takes some time for the gears to correctly change
  • When the engine revs loudly or the transmission slips more easily
  • Any transmission fluid or oil leaks noticeable under the car
  • A burning smell has emerged and it has been linked to the transmission fluid leak
  • Any noises or sounds which come from the transmission unit, such as buzzes or clicks
  • If the engine is working perfectly fine but the car seems to have no power
  • When the engine light has turned on as this can often be linked to a transmission problem

If wanting to know more about how often you should service your car, our blog offers detailed information on the topic.

Reliable Auto Transmission Services for Northern Beaches

Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our team of fully qualified mechanics are the best at carrying out automatic transmission services. Each mechanic will perform all the needed tasks to ensure that the transmission is correctly looked at and handled. All needed parts will be repaired, replaced and inspected and we will be able to work with any automatic transmission system. 

We offer our professional auto transmission services to the whole Northern Beaches, including Mona Vale, Newport and Bayview.

Located on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale, our automatic transmission services are here for every Northern Beaches local to rely on.