What Does An Auto Mechanic Do?

An auto mechanic is a fully qualified person who will work on light vehicles and perform mechanical repairs and services. They can work on cars and other vehicles often within a service centre or an auto shop. Peninsula Auto Clinic offers our professional automotive mechanics with years of experience and perform a wide range of mechanical services. 

The main jobs that an auto mechanic can carry out  are:

  • Car Service
  • Car Repair
  • Automatic Transmission Service
  • Clutch Service
  • Exhaust Repair
  • Pink Slips
  • Suspension Service
  • Tyre Replacement and Repair
  • Vehicle Inspections

What Does An Auto Mechanic Do

What Jobs Does an Auto Mechanic Perform?

Car mechanics are expert in many fields, from small repairs to major services, and are able to work on light vehicles. Below is a guide on the general auto mechanic services. These include the following:

Car Service

A car service is a regular service where a mechanic inspects the whole vehicle and performs simple tasks. The systems and parts of the car are correctly looked at and worked on to ensure each one safely operates. A few examples of the types of jobs within a car service are:

  • Brake fluid and brake condition checks
  • Transmission and engine oil changes
  • Battery test and replacement if needed
  • Oil filter inspection and clean
  • Spark plug replacement if needed
  • Brake, front and indicator lights inspected

For more information on what is included in a general car service we highly recommended reading our blog ‘the ultimate car service checklist’.

Car Repair

A car repair service is when a mechanic repairs any minor or major issue on a car. The auto service will be completed with the correct tools and parts to ensure the specific car is repaired properly. Some systems which often require repairs are the brakes, suspension, clutch, battery, radiator, exhaust, air conditioning, steering and the engine. It is important that the car is worked on with the correct tools and parts to ensure systems do not fail and a major repair is needed. 

Automatic Transmission Service

Within an automatic transmission service a mechanic will operate on the transmission which is the gearbox and changes gears. Most times the main signs that a mechanic will have to perform this service are slipping gears, shifting gears, transmission leaks and the car making unusual movements and sounds. Auto mechanics will connect the car to the computer to detect the issue and repair the transmission problem. General inspections and fluid changes are also often carried out in auto transmission services. 

Clutch Service

A clutch service involves multiple jobs, ranging from repairs, replacements to general inspections. Replacing the clutch, including the pressure plate, flywheel, and slave cylinder, occurs when there are too many problems. Repairs commonly are with the master cylinder failures, fluid leaks and a slipping clutch. Clutch inspections are also important where mechanics look at every part of the clutch, making sure the system operates properly. 

Exhaust Repair

Exhaust repair services are focused on resolving problems with the exhaust which stop it from correctly removing the dangerous fumes. Vibrations, decreased fuel efficiency, increased engine noises and coloured smoke are signs that indicate a mechanic should look at the exhaust. Repairs should occur as soon as possible to ensure the mechanic can fix the exhaust and prevent major issues from developing. 

Pink Slips

A pink slip is needed to register a car every five years to show that it is safe to drive and a mechanic is the person to give the notice. The eSafety check involves inspecting the brakes, belts, electrical parts, lights, engine, tyres and all other parts of the car. 

The detailed inspection is carried out by a reliable mechanic who will give the pink slip when the car is safe to drive. If there are issues and the pink slip cannot be given then repairs are needed to resolve this. 

Suspension Service

The suspension is what reduces shock forces, supports heavy vehicles, controls the car’s direction and helps with wheel alignment. Suspension services have a mechanic work on this important system, including repairs, part replacements and inspections. Common issues that occur when the suspension is broken are rougher rides, the car lunges forward, drifting is common and the car bounces. Suspension services will ensure that these issues which are dangerous when driving are corrected and resolved. 

Tyre Replacement and Repair

A tyre replacement and repair service is when an auto mechanic operates on the tyres. This can include carrying out tyre alignment or balancing, repairing tyres or replacing an old tyre with a new one. Mechanics will ensure to replace the tyre with the correct one, being similar or a newer model to the existing ones. Balancing, aligning and repairing tyres also occur professionally to maintain the tyre’s health.

Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle inspections are detailed inspections of the whole car, including every part and system. There are four main parts of the inspection service where the mechanic looks at the condition of the car. The body, interior, under the car and under the hood are all looked at in detail, detecting any current or potential faults. Safety tests and driving tests are also carried out for a more accurate inspection result.

If you want to know the difference between a mobile mechanic and a workshop mechanic our blog provides detailed information and examples.

Professional Northern Beaches Auto Mechanic

Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic our auto mechanic team is the most reliable and expert for the Northern Beaches. We have over 25 years of experience working on these mechanical services and a wide range of other tasks. Each auto mechanic service is carried out with the correct tools, effective techniques and is swiftly performed. 

Our auto mechanic team and great services are offered to the whole Northern Beaches, including suburbs such Newport, Clareville and Elanora. For trusted, experienced and qualified auto mechanic workers and services – rely on Peninsula Auto Clinic located on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale!