The Ultimate Car Service Checklist

Following a car service checklist helps with knowing exactly what should occur within a Car Service. Servicing your car will keep it working properly for a longer amount of time and help prevent costly potential damages. When a mechanic performs a regular service through a maintenance schedule then the chance of mechanical defects decreases. Our mechanics here at Peninsula Auto Clinic can perform some of the Northern beaches  best car servicing jobs 

A good car service checklist should consist of:

  1. Oil and coolant level checks
  2. Air filter maintenance
  3. Tyre tread depth and tyre pressure inspections
  4. Looking over all the lights, including headlights, brake lights, parking lights and indicator or turn signals
  5. Replacing engine oil 
  6. Rotating the tyres
  7. Professional car wash and wax
  8. Transmission fluid check up
  9. Inspect the struts and shock absorbers
  10. Looking over the spark plugs 
  11. Inspecting the serpentine belt
  12. Replace the windscreen wipers if needed
  13. Change the tyres if they are too damaged for repairs
  14. Inspect the battery and replace it if needed
  15. General safety and performance checks

The Ultimate Car Service Checklist

What Should Be Included in a Car Maintenance Checklist?

A car service will help with reducing the chance of mechanical car problems and systems needing major repairs. Routine maintenance will be more effective in ensuring that a qualified mechanic looks over each system of the car. A service contains multiple different jobs and a professional car service checklist should include the following:

Oil and coolant levels

While the engine is cool a mechanic will look over the coolant and oil levels. The owner’s manual describes where the tanks are and how much fluid should be within them. If they are low then the coolant and oil will be filled up.

Air filter

With this system keeping the airflow inside the engine clean it needs to work correctly. A mechanic will inspect the system to ensure that the filters are cleaned and not blocked. A dirty or clogged air filter in your car can decrease fuel efficiency and damage the engine.

Tyre tread and pressure

It is essential that the tyres are healthy to ensure the drive is safe and other important factors. Mechanics will inspect each tyre for its pressure levels and if the tyre tread is even. Minor repairs can help with any tread issue and readjusting the pressure of the tyres may occur.


All of the lights within your car should be working perfectly and will be tested during the service. The brake lights will be checked to ensure they turn on while the car brakes. The headlights will be tested to see if they align correctly and the indicator lights will also be checked.

Engine oil

Your oil and the oil filter will need to be replaced every three months or every 5000km. The oil is important in lubricating the moving parts within the engine which is why there needs to be enough oil. Engine oil also helps lower the temperature of the engine, prevent wear and tear and also will assist in limiting corrosion.

Rotating tyres

If there are car alignment issues the tyres may be the issue and will often need to be rotated or balanced. These procedures are performed on tyres which are not driving correctly causing problems with the car. They will also help in preventing uneven tyre tread, steering issues and tyres being worn early.

Transmission fluid

The transmission fluid is important in both manual and automatic transmission systems. This means that the fluid should be at a correct level to make certain there is enough to properly work inside of the system.

Struts and shock absorbers

To reduce the rebound the car experiences and is important in the steering system. Mechanics will inspect these to ensure that the car will not bump when driving and the systems work safely.

Spark plugs

Spark plugs work to power the vehicle, so if they are not working properly then the engine will lose power. A professional mechanic will replace defective spark plugs to ensure the car can drive correctly.

Serpentine belt

The serpentine belt is used to have systems of the car running and a mechanic will look to see if there are cracks in the system.

Windscreen wipers

The windscreen wipers will eventually need replacing from breaking and becoming old. A mechanic will effectively have the new and correct model windscreen wipers installed.

Tyre replacement  

The tyres will eventually need to be replaced due to old age and as their tread wears out.  It is best to ask your mechanic or your local tyre repairs on their professional advice before changing your tyres.

Battery replacement  

The battery will be checked to ensure that it works correctly and powers the car. If the battery is flat then a car battery replacement is needed, which the mechanic will carry out the task professionally.

General safety and perform checks and tests

A mechanic will look over the whole car and inspect to make certain all parts work correctly. A test drive will also be useful in the mechanic finding an exact issue and making sure parts work correctly. From the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, a seat belt test to ensuring the power steering works, all systems of the car are checked.

Northern Beaches Car Servicing Mechanics

Peninsula Auto Clinic is always here to perform car services on all types of Northern Beaches cars. We work diligently and professionally through a comprehensive r car service checklist to ensure each and every part of your car is working correctly

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