Common Mechanical Car Problems – How To Fix

People will face mechanical car problems and knowing how to easily fix them is important. These problems are often the most common issues people face and if left untouched for too long can cause damaging wear and tear. Peninsula Auto Clinic offers our Car Repair services to the Northern Beaches for us to repair these common car problems. 

The most common mechanical car problems are:

  • Headlights and taillights not working
  • Tyres breaking, bursting or have too low or high pressure
  • Steering is more difficult to control
  • Wipers failing to work
  • Brakes are not functioning correctly
Common Mechanical Car Problems How To Fix Peninsula Auto Clinic

Headlights and Taillights

When the headlights or taillights stop working there could be many different reasons to why they are failing. Most of the time the reasons these lights fail to work are from fails in the electrical systems or the light bulb has defected. When one light has stopped working then often the singular light bulb is the cause. Replacing this light bulb will often resolve the single head or taillight failure.  

If both lights do not work then the fuse, power or grounding system could be at fault. Both light bulbs could also be damaged and failing to work. Replacing the bulbs or resolving the electrical issue will most likely repair the problem. If the high beams are dim or are not working then the bulb, switch or lens could be the issue. 

At times the car battery might be flat which can be noticeable when other electrical systems of the car begin to wear down or fail. A dead battery can be easily avoidable if regular checking the warning light to see when the spark plugs or battery need replacing. 


The tyres can experience a large amount of wear and tear if not maintained properly. Tyres which are experiencing issues can lead to poor fuel economy, other systems being damaged to the safety of the drive impacted. Pressure issues with the tyres, being too low or too high, is a major cause of tyre problems. Regularly checking the tyre pressure and adjusting it if needed will help reduce potential damages.

The tread of the tyre can wear away and if not replaced then the tyre can negatively affect the drive. When tyres are also unbalanced or unaligned, have tears or are punctured then they will often need a replacement or tyre service. 

To know how to change a car’s tyre in simple steps, we recommend reading our blog with easy to follow methods. 

Steering and Suspension

If noticing that steering is more difficult than usual or that the car is bumpier then the steering wheel or the suspension may be damaged. It is extremely important that the suspension and steering systems are working correctly to limit the chance of the driver losing control of the car. With these issues not fixed, drivers can easily not control their steering, the car leans towards others and more potential safety hazards. 

The suspension experiencing an issue can lead to problems, such as more bumps are felt when driving to the car steers to one side. The steering wheel will also be harder to control and steering will overall become more difficult. Suspension problems might also cause parts of the car to lean or dive down into the ground more than it should. From one corner of the car is lower than the rest to the car rolling side-to-side, the suspension should be checked as soon as possible. 

A suspension service is the best way to resolve these complications as a qualified mechanic will resolve the issue. The suspension needs proper work done on it to ensure that the car drives and steers correctly. Is an untrained individual tries to repair the suspension without previous experience then there is a high chance further and expensive issues can arise. 


Wipers are important so people can see while driving through rain and other weather conditions so they need to function correctly. Sometimes wiper issues may not be a safety hazard as the problem is only minor. At other times, faulty wipers can be a serious safety risk, especially when they do not function correctly, as a driver’ visibility can be affected. 

Wiper blades can be torn causing them not to touch the windshield which will mean it will have no effect. Replacing the wipers with a new set will be the best way to resolve physical damage to the wipers. If they do not move properly or at all then the wiper motor, wiper pivot nuts or wiper fuse is broken. These are often more complicated to fix and a mechanic will know exactly how to resolve the wiper problem.  


The braking system can experience issues at times which should be dealt with as soon as possible. The brakes are extremely important so identifying the issues easier so a mechanic can repair them will prevent risky situations. Brakes which are damaged will often cause the car to pull to one side, the steering wheel to shake or the whole car shakes when the brakes are pressured. If the brakes are easier or harder to press or are spongy then these are clear signs that the brakes need repairs.

Trusted Car Repair Services

Peninsula Auto Clinic is here with our car repair services to help resolve these common mechanical car problems. Our team of fully qualified mechanics know exactly how to operate with each system and have the problems repaired fast. We will repair the brakes, wipes, suspension, lights and tyres along with all other systems in the car. 

The car repair work we carry out is the best within the Northern Beaches, especially for Mona Vale, Palm Beach and Narrabeen. We offer Car Service work to all residents as well for us to regularly inspect the car and correct any defects. For professional mechanics to resolve common mechanical car problems – contact Peninsula Auto Clinic on 9999 2553 or email us at!