Why Do My Tyres Squeak While Driving?

There are many reasons why the tyres will squeak when driving which will need a mechanic to look at. A tyre replacement and repair service will often resolve these issues but at times doing certain actions can help prevent the noise. The squeaky noise can also be a link to another problem with the tyres or another system of the car. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, we offer reliable Car Service work regarding tyres, helping to repair and replace them professionally. 

Mechanics suggest that car tyres will squeak often from the following causes:

  • The tyres are overinflated or are uninflated causing problems with tyre pressure
  • The tread of the tyres are uneven which will interfere with wheel balancing 
  • There are tears, damages or issues with the physical tyre causing problems such as the squeaking sounds
  • The brakes may be to blame for the squeaky noises due to brake pad or brake calliper defects

Why Do My Tyres Squeak While Driving Peninsula Auto Clinic

What are the Main Causes of Tyres Squeaking?

There are many reasons why the tyres of the car are squeaking during a drive. The most common issues which will result in squeaking noises are:

Tyre Pressure Issues

When tyres become too inflated or are too deflated then this is the most common cause of them squeaking. The squeaking noise will especially occur when the car is turning due to the imbalances of tyre pressure. When a tyre is over or underinflated then when the tread makes contact with the road it is much more reduced. This will lead to the tyre’s shape deforming, the tyres to slide sideways more easily and lead to the squeaking noises. 

Uneven Tyre Tread

If the suspension system is not functioning correctly or is out of alignment then this can lead to the tyres dragging when driving. As the tyres drag on the road rather than roll smoothly one side will often have its tread be uneven. This uneven tread can cause the squeaking noises to occur when braking, turning and driving. 

Tyre Wear

The tyres can experience wear and tear the more they are driven which can cause them to squeak. Suspension parts which are damaged or the wheels which have been damaged from accidents can lead to the tread of the tyre being ruined. Punctures, tears and overall wears can cause the tyres to create squeaky sounds.

Brake Defects

The brake can be to blame for the squeaky noises, often from the brake pads. A brake wear indicator will rub against the rotor when driving to alert the driver that the brake pads need changing. If this wear indicator is causing the noises then it should stop making sounds when the brakes are pressed. 

How can I Avoid Squeaky Tyres?

There are many ways which a driver can avoid their tyres from squeaking and being damaged. Mechanical services performed by an auto mechanic will often be the best ways to stop the squeaking. The best ways to avoid and fix squeaky tyres are:

  • Check Tyre Pressure – checking the tyre pressure will help in making sure that the tyres ill not squeak when driving. When the tyres are at the right pressure this will also help with the fuel economy and safety of the car. Every month the tyre’s pressure should be checked and made sure that they are not too inflated or underinflated. 
  • Wheel Alignment and Balancing Services – wheel alignment services will keep the car’s wheels straight and adjust the suspension system if needed. Wheel balancing helps to balance the tyres if the weight is unbalanced which could affect the drive. Wheel alignment and wheel balancing are both important in maintaining the longevity of the tyres.
  • Undergo Regular Tyre Service – along with a general Car Service, the tyres will be inspected by a qualified mechanic. They will inspect the tyres and neighbouring systems for any defects or worries. These will be addressed and can help with keeping the tyres not squeaking. 
  • Perform Regular Brake Service – a brake service will make sure that the whole braking system will be looked over. If the brake pads need replacing or any other defect is seen then they will be repaired. As the brakes can be causing the squeaking noise then this is a great service to prevent the sound. 
  • Tyre Repairs – a flat tyre, a tyre puncture repair to installing the spare tyre, at times the best way to stop squeaking is to replace the current tyre. Any person can change a tyre but a mechanic will know how to test, inspect and guarantee that the tyre has been correctly installed. Mechanics will also know a range of tyres and which ones are best suited to the specific car model. 
  • Vehicle Inspections – it is encouraged that the car is inspected regularly to prevent major issues from forming. The safety inspection will also involve the tyres which a mechanic will see if they need to be serviced, repaired or replaced. To prevent the squeaky tyre issue from occurring undergoing a vehicle inspection will help. 

Reliable and Professional Tyre Services

Peninsula Auto Clinic is here to perform tyre replacement and repair services on any car. Each fully qualified mechanic on our team will find the cause of the squeaky tyre noise and repair the issue properly. Each tyre replacement and repair service will be carried out safely and by mechanics who are skilled and experienced. 

Our Car Repair service is here for us to efficiently resolve tyre squeaks as well as any other problem with the car. We are the most reliable place for tyre services, including for Avalon, Bilgola and Elanora.  

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