How Do I Choose A Good Mechanic?

To choose a good mechanic it is important to understand what to specifically look out for. A professional mechanic should be servicing and repairing the car to ensure that the vehicle is always safely handled. Finding a good mechanic should include proof that they are licensed to what specific services they offer. Peninsula Auto Clinic offers our reliable and honest Sydney mechanic team where we will perform excellent services and auto repairs. 

When choosing a good mechanic make sure to look for:

  • Licensing and Insurances – a proper mechanic will be certified under NSW Fair Trading with a Tadesperson’s Certificate. A mechanic should also be insured in many different places, such as Public Liability and Workers Compensation.
  • Reviews – it is important to look at a mechanic’s views to see people’s past experiences with them and if they were positive or negative.
  • Range of Services – mechanics should offer a wide range of great services, including car repairs, services and inspections.

How Do I Choose A Good Mechanic

License and Insurance

A good mechanic will definitely be insured and fully qualified which is important. An unqualified or uninsured mechanic might not have completed the needed training, be inexperienced or a fault worker. 


A mechanic will have to do through NSW Fair Trading to be qualified as a mechanical worker. There are many different types of certifications that a mechanic can gain in order to work in different mechanical fields. Thhe main licenses that a mechanic will need to have to perform general car mechanical jobs are:

  • Tradesperson’s Certificate – this license will allow an individual to become a tradesperson and work in many different fields. Mechanics will need this to operate as a tradesperson within New South Wales.
  • Motor Vehicle Repairers – this is needed so a mechanic will be able to operate on motor vehicles. If a mechanic wants to own an auto shop, work in business with vehicles or carry out work on cars then this is required. 

To see how a person can become a licensed mechanic within Australia we encourage reading our blog with further details. 


Knowing that your local mechanic is insured in many areas is a sign that they are professional and take care with their work. Based on our consultation with a number of different local Mona Vale Mechanics, these are the following average insurances which mechanics will be under:

  • Public Liability – this will cover a person if they are in an accident at work in the auto shop. From slipping within the mechanical shop or being in an accident during a test drive, this insurance is extremely important. 
  • Workers Compensation – this insurance covers any employee working at the mechanics who is injured while at work. 
  • Theft – from diagnostic equipment to certain tools, this insurance is important to protect mechanics when their items become stolen. 
  • Customer Vehicles Cover – when a mechanic works with more expensive or high value cars then this mechanical insurance is important.


Looking over the reviews which the mechanic has will offer a glimpse into how the mechanic works and if they are trustworthy. Here are the main areas to look for when reading a mechanic’s reviews:

  • Specific Words – there are certain words that will indicate how a mechanic will work and their past experiences. Words, such as professional, efficient, affordable and reliable will show that the mechanic is likely trustworthy. If there are words listed, such as expensive, unprofessional and not trustworthy, then it is clear that other people have had poor experiences with them. 
  • Star Ratings – the higher the star ratings will mean that more people recommend or have had good experiences with the mechanic. Inspect to see that the star rating is true and that fake accounts have not increased the star rating.

To check our google reviews, click here 

Services Offered

Mechanics who are trained in the mechanical field will be able to carry out multiple tasks on motor vehicles. A trusted mechanic will know how to work on multiple systems and parts of the car while working on a variety of different models. When choosing a good mechanic for the job look for these services offered:

  • Car Repair – a mechanic will know how to inspect a car, find the defect and repair the issue correctly. 
  • Car Service – both minor and major car services should be offered. A car service is extremely important with multiple jobs included in the work and a mechanic should always offer the service. 
  • Pink Slips – pink slips and other car insurance policies which a mechanic should take over should be offered. E-safety checks and other slips are vital and a mechanic will understand how to properly give them out. 
  • Vehicle Inspections – mechanics will be able to look over each part and system of the motor vehicle to ensure everything is working correctly. Inspections should occur regularly to help prevent potential mechanical issues from developing. 
  • Car Battery Replacements – the car battery needs to be replaced to ensure the car has the power to function. Qualified mechanics will know how to safely replace a battery in any type of car.
  • Brake Service – servicing the brakes is vital and a mechanic should offer these services to insect and work on them.

Tyre Services – replacing and repairing the tyres are a skill that all mechanics should know and offer reliable services for.

Professional, Qualified and Reliable Mechanics for Northern Beaches

Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our mechanics are all qualified and able to work with any type of car. We offer a variety of affordable and professional mechanical services where we will carry out work on all model types. Each mechanic will complete the job swiftly and make sure to always safely operate. No matter the type of car service, our mechanics are the best for the Northern Beaches and we service every area including Mona Vale, Collaroy and Duffys Forest

Peninsula Auto Clinic is here for every person when needing a trusted and good mechanic to complete any service Contact us today!