Why Is My Car Leaking Oil?

If there is ever a car leaking oil it is important to know why this problem is occurring and how to fix it. There are many different types of leaks which can be happening and in different parts of the vehicle. In most cases oil dripping and oil leakage should be repaired as soon as possible by reliable mechanics. Peninsula Auto Clinic, located on the Northern Beaches, offers our trusted Car Repair services to stop any type of oil leak.

The most common causes for car leaking oil situations are:

  • Damaged Oil Filter
  • Broken or Loose Filler Cap
  • Old Drain Plug
  • Damaged Oil Pan
  • Worn Gasket

Why Is My Car Leaking Oil

What Does it Mean When the Car Leaks Oil?

There are many different types of oils in the car and specifically the engine which are used for lubrication. The oil is important in preventing as much friction and scrapping between moving parts within the engine. Oil leaks are caused by numerous different reasons but is it vital to fix the leak as soon as possible.

Why Does the Car Leak Oil?

The common causes of oil leaks inside the engine and car are:

  • Damaged Oil Filter – oil filters help remove contaminants from the oil which could be harmful to parts of the car. Oil filters should be replaced with clean and fresh ones every 5,000km or three months. When the filter has not been cleaned or replaced in a while then clogs might build up causing oil to leak in other areas. 
  • Broken or Loose Filler Cap – if the filler cap is loose or broken then this can cause small leaks. The engine oil leak could be simply from the filler cap which can often be repaired easily. 
  • Old Drain Plug – from wear and tear the drain plug can become ruined causing it to fail. These are located at the bottom of the oil pan and are used to stop oil from exiting the pan. When it is damaged or not correctly screwed on then leaks may be caused. 
  • Damaged Oil Pan – the oil pan stores oil when the engine is not running and if parts are loose or damaged then oil pan leaks can occur. 

Worn Gasket – this is often the most common cause of an oil leak as these connect various metal parts. These create seals for fluids to transfer without leaking or entering places where they are not meant to. If the gasket has not been replaced when it is broken or regularly serviced then cracks may appear causing oil to leak.

What are Some Signs of Car Oil Leaks?

To find out if there are leaks coming from the car the best signs to look for are:

  • Puddles – the most obvious sign of a car leaking oil issue is that a puddle appears when the car is parked. Yellow or dark brown is oil, pink fluid is the transmission fluid and green or orange oil is coolant. The amount of oil that leaks is a good indicator of how serious the oil leak is. Small leaks occasionally are normal but large puddles need to be addressed quickly. 
  • Smoke – a leak within the car can cause oil to leak onto the exhaust manifold which can cause smoke and sizzling noises to develop. If there is smoke coming from the car beside the exhaust then an oil leak could be the issue. 
  • Oil Light – if there has been a decrease in oil pressure then the oil light in the dashboard might go on. This is a clear sign that there is an oil leak and the issue should be handled as soon as possible. 
  • Engine Overheating – if the engine has been noticeable hot this may be from parts clashing together and parts not becoming cooler. The engine oil might be low causing these issues to occur.

How Do I Fix Car Oil Leaks?

The main ways to both repair an oil leak and also prevent the issue from happening are:

  • Car Repair – when systems and parts have broken and need repairing or replacing it is best to have a fully qualified mechanic perform this task. From a blown head gasket, valve seal issues to replacing the oil filter, mechanics are trained to repair oil leakage concerns. 
  • Oil Change – an oil change is where the old oil is replaced with new oil to help keep the system fresh. A mechanic or regular person can carry out the task of replacing the oil. It will help keep parts of the systems healthy and ensure there is enough oil in the system. 
  • Leak Stopping Additives – there are certain additives that can be applied in cars to help prevent oil from leaking everywhere. 

Car Service – during a regular car service the mechanic will look over all oil levels in the car. When doing this they can identify early signs of leaks and other damages, replace the fluid if needed and prevent major issues from developing. A car service is typically recommended after every 5000 km you drive.

Is it Safe to Drive With Oil Leaking?

In most cases, it is strongly unadvised to drive when there is a known oil leak coming from the car. Car leaking oil problems can become worse the more the car is driven which can cause excessive wear and tear to parts. When a cracked engine block, blown head gasket or excessive leakages are happening it is best advised to not drive.

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