Car Lubrication Services – What Is It?

Car lubrication is a type of Car Service which replaces the oil and fluids of the engine. The service will be performed by a highly skilled mechanic, helping with keeping the car and engine more efficient and safer. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, we offer the Northern Beaches with quality car services, including lubrication services. 

Car lubrication services include replacing the oils and fluids within the lubrication system of the car. Inspections and tests are also made to ensure that the automatic lubrication system is functioning correctly. Servicing and managing the lubricant system will keep the engine healthier for longer and decrease the chance of future repairs. 

Car Lubrication Services What Is It Peninsula Auto Clinic

What is the Lubrication System?

The lubrication system of a car consists of elements which allow parts to move smoothly. There are many fluids and oils involved in the makeup of a car which helps with proper movement. The three main fluids or oils which the car needs are the engine oil, transmission fluid and general greases.

Engine Oil Lubrication System

The engine oil is extremely important in keeping the parts of the engine clean and run smoothly. With the lubricant, it works to clean, cool and smoothly move the engine parts when they are working. The wear of the engine components is decreased while the temperature of the system is also decreased. 

It helps with the parts moving more effectively as instead of the different sections scrapping they slide. This will keep them from breaking, scratching and wearing and will also allow the parts to work more effectively. It cleans the system as contaminants are removed while removing excess heat from the system.

The main parts of the engine which the oils move are the oil pan, oil pump, pickup tube, pressure relief valve, oil filter and the spurt holes. These work to ensure the oil can move evenly throughout the engine while being filtered.

Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid works within the automatic transmission system and helps the parts move easily. It also helps with decreasing the temperature of the system, cleaning the metal parts, increasing the speed of gears and preventing parts from wearing. If the fluid is low then the gears might slip or are harder to change. 


Other systems and parts of the car are given a special grease to help with decreasing squeaks and other noises. Grease will also help with keping parts healthier for longer to minimize the chance of wear. Parts last longer with grease at it will help them move more easily when operating. 

What are some Problems with Lubrication Systems?

If the lubrication system does not function the way it should then there could be serious damage to the engine, transmission and other parts. A leak is often the most common problem faced with the lubrication system. If the engine, transmission or other system leaks the lubrication fluids then the systems can run out of oil. When the oils and greases are low then parts will scrap, wear and often break more easily.

Leaks could also result in the lubrication fluids to enter areas which it should not be which might cause potential dilemmas. If a leak happens there will be tasks in place to replace systems which are leaving. Such as the head gasket, oil pan to other systems, the part will be repaired or replaced. The pressure of the lubrication fluids might also be lower or higher than usual. The pressure imbalances might be from the incorrect oil being added into the system. Clogged filters or fault equipment reliability might also cause the pressure issues. 

How does a Usual Lubrication Service Occur?

A certified mechanic will perform the lubrication service which is one of the quickest services offered. The general method or procedure of a car lubrication service includes these tasks:

  • Inspections of the oil tank – the oil tank is thoroughly inspected to see if the oil needs replacing. If the oil is darker or has a faint burnt smell then this can indicate the need for replacing. 
  • Fluid change – the oil or fluid is replaced by a suitable replacement which is specific and best for the car. The old oil is drained and then the replacement fluid is added perfectly, not too much or little. 
  • New oil filter – a new oil filter is added to the system and the old one is removed. This is to help with the efficiency of the lubrication systems where the fluid can be correctly filtered. The model of the fitler is made sure to be suitable to the specific car. 
  • Engine and system clean – the engine and other fluid systems are properly cleaned. This process is done to ensure that the system is clear of contaminants which might impact the new fluid. 
  • Other fluid replacements – other fluids are also usually added into the service. This can include the brake fluid, windscreen wiper fluid to the coolant of the car. The fluids are replaced to ensure that the whole car can run smoothly.
  • Removing old fluids and oil – the old fluids and oils are correctly disposed of where it will not cause negative environmental impacts.

For more information on the brake fluid we encourage reading our blog with more insights into the service. 

Trusted Northern Beaches Car Lubrication Services

Peninsula Auto Clinic is here for the Northern Beaches to perform the best car lubrication services. Our fully qualified mechanics know the best methods to ensure that the lubrication system is correctly serviced. Each inspection, replacement and repair is correctly completed and the lubrication system is professionally handled with. 

Our car lubrication services are here for the whole Northern Beaches which includes Bayview, Collaroy and Terrey Hills. We also offer reliable Car Repair services, which includes all types of repairs from the lubrication system to major repairs. Contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now on 9999 2553 or email us at for professional car lubrication services!