Car Air Conditioning – Is It Necessary?

A car air conditioning service is important to occur to ensure that the system works correctly for longer. The car’s air con is a system which people often neglect for a service which can cause issues. The Car Service ensures the car’s air conditioning system is correctly looked at to see if there are any problems. Peninsula Auto Clinic offers the Northern beaches with car air conditioning service and repairs. 

A car air conditioning service and repair should occur every two years and often costs from $150 up to $1400. Qualified mechanics who are trained air conditioning specialists will perform a range of quality tasks on the aircon system. The car air conditioner service includes inspections and replacements, often lasting for two to four hours, and will help keep the system working properly.   

Car Air Conditioning Is It Necessary Peninsula Auto Clinc

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Car’s Air Conditioning?

If needing the car’s air conditioning repaired then it can cost from $115 and can go up to $1400. This will depend if it is a minor or major repair and also the amount of labour needed. To regas the auto air conditioning system can be as low as $115 where a basic aircon repair is averaged at $300. Replacing the compressor and larger parts of the system needs more replacement parts and work done, which is why it can be from $500 to $1400.

In Sydney, the average cost of the aircon repair service is $300 but different mechanics and areas will alter prices. Older cars will increase the price as parts may be harder to gather or be costly. Larger cars can mean that the engine is more complicated and that the aircon system is harder to work on. 

For more information on how much does a car service cost read our blog article with detailed insights. 

How Do I Know When My Car’s AC is Not Working?

There are multiple signs to look for that will indicate a problem with the car’s aircon system:

  • Longer Demist – the aircon can be sued to demist a car and have the windows clear. When a blocked tube or hose prevents the refrigerant from moving smoothly then it will take longer to demist the windows. The refrigerant might also be leaking which can cause moisture to build up in the car.  
  • Weaker Airflow – if the aircon system is not as strong or powerful the air might be struggling to reach the vents. Mould within the evaporator or a loose blower hose might be the cause of this limited airflow. 
  • Water – if there is water on the mat of the car then this can be linked to the air conditioner. 
  • Unwanted Warmth – when cooling is wanted but warm air occurs randomly then a blocked expansion valve might be the fault. A blown fuse in the auto electrical wiring might also be the reason for this dilemma. 
  • Unusual Noises and Rattling – once the air conditioner is switched on and running noises might be present. This could indicate that the fan belt or the compressor is broken. Debris might have built up on the fan as well and the system should be inspected. 
  • Smells and Odours – the cabin’s air filter might be worn which can cause horrible smells to flow from the ac. The wiring of the electrical system might also be broken which can lead to burning smells to develop. These smells should not be ignored as they can lead to major issues which are often expensive to repair. 

What is the Difference Between a Car Air Conditioning Regas and a Service?

A car regas and a car air conditioner service are two different kinds of services cars will need. These automotive services are both on the car’s ac unit but include different jobs. 

Car Air Conditioning Regas or Recharge?

This service has a licensed mechanic replace major parts of the aircon system within the car. They often occur after major services and include replacing the accumulators, compressors, dryers, receivers and other systems. The service might also be completed after jobs which include systems that allow atmospheric air to enter the car.   

Regasing jobs will also include inspections and evaluations on the systems ability to remove moisture and oxygen from the car. The refrigerant is tested within the system to determine how effective the aircon system works. A lubricating oil is also tested within the system to see how well it does at lubricating the aircon system. If the inspections occur and the system fails the test then repairs or replacements might be required. 

Car Air Conditioning Service

A specific service on the air conditioning system occurs every two years and commonly includes many smaller jobs. These inspections and tests will look over the entire air conditioning system to look for any current or potential issues. The most common tasks involved in a car ac service are:

  • Inspections of the drive belts, pulleys, valves, thermostat, hose and other components
  • The system is evaluated on its ability to use and recover refrigerant
  • Refrigerant oil is added and the old one is replaced if needed
  • The condenser’s temperature is looked at while the suction line temperature is read
  • Leak and electrical tests are carried out
  • The car runs while the mechanic looks at how the system performs

What are Some Ways to Keep the Car Cool?

It is important to let the car cool to ensure that the air conditioning system does not have to work hard. This will help keep the car cooler and more importantly keep the aircon less likely to experience issues.

  • Remove Hot Air – when entering the car open windows and the doors briefly to allow the hot air and pollutants to escape.
  • Sunshades – use sunshades to help block the sun from entering the car and causing the temperature to rise.
  • Open Windows – slightly keeping the windows open will let hot air escape from the top of the car. 

Trusted Car Air Conditioning Service

The Northern Beaches can trust Peninsula Auto Clinic to perform the best car air conditioning service. Our mechanics are fully qualified with years of experience and can easily work with all cars and their air conditioners. We will inspect and service the whole aircon system while perform Car Repair work if needed. 

Mona Vale, Newport, Collaroy and all other Northern Beaches suburbs can utilise our air conditioning car service. For trusted car air conditioning services at an affordable price – contact Peninsula Auto Clinic on 9999 2553 or email us at