Manual Vs Automatic Cars – Which Is Better?

The differences between manual cars and automatic cars will influence which a person favors. Each car transmission has its own benefits and also disadvantages which often will determine what a person will prefer to drive. Peninsula Auto Clinic is here with our Automotive Services where we are able to work with both manual and automatic cars. 

A manual car is cheaper to service, has better fuel efficiency and also is easy to control. Manual cars are more likely to break down or stall, especially in traffic conditions, and also are harder to learn. Automatic cars are easier to drive, better for hilly places, not likely stall or break down and better for traffic. An automatic car is often more expensive to service and are less fuel efficient.  

Manual Vs Automatic Cars Which Is Better

What are the Benefits of a Manual Car?

  • Cheaper to maintain – a manual car is less expensive to service and repair when compared to an automatic car. This is because there are fewer parts involved in the manual car while it is easier to access some systems. Manual cars also often need less service work, and the maintenance work is already cheaper to complete. 
  • Greater fuel efficiency – manual transmission engines and systems will need less fuel to function. This is because the systems are less complex which will not need as much fuel and that the systems weigh less. When compared to automatic cars, manual cars will need less fuel, a difference of 5% up to 15%. 
  • Not likely to be stolen – a person will more likely to steal an automatic car rather than a manual car. This is often because the thief will not know how to drive manual or see the value in the car. 
  • Easier control – with the manual gearbox and transmission system the driver will have better control of the car. The person will be able to decide which gear is best suited to the specific situation. Manual cars will overall allow a person to control their car more which is often favoured by some.

What are the Disadvantages of Manual Cars?

  • Difficult to understand – learning manual driving is a skill which can be too hard for people. More time will be needed on learning how to drive which may frustrated people. Knowing what gears are best for each situation can be difficult. Manual cars can also stall or breakdown so knowing what to do can be stressful. 
  • Poor in traffic – manual cars prefer to experience a steady drive so traffic, specifically heavy traffic, is an issue. The constant stopping and starting while manual changing the gears can be stressful and also bad for the car. In traffic the chance that the car stalls will increase which can cause people to not choose manual cars.

What are the Benefits of an Automatic Car?

  • Easier drive – the automatic transmission system will change gears for a person allowing them to concentrate on other areas. The need for learning how to change gears and work the clutch are not needed when learning manual. 
  • Less restrictive – manual cars require one hand to be on the wheel and one on the gearbox which can restrict driving. Automatic cars can have two hands on the wheel which allows people to steer easier. 
  • More suited for hilly places – driving in hilly areas in a manual car is difficult due to constantly changing gears. Automatic cars will easily change the gears when in incline and steep areas which is beneficial.
  • Reduced risk of stalling – it is possible to stall in an automatic car but it is extremely less likely than in a manual car. Stalling in automatic cars only occurs if there is a mechanical problem with the transmission system. A Car Service will often find these issues early before stalling can occur. 
  • Better for traffic – automatic cars only need the pedal to be moved to maneuver in traffic conditions. Manual cars will need constant stopping and starting while changing gears which is more difficult when compared to automatic vehicles. 

What are the Disadvantages of Automatic Cars?

  • More expensive to maintain – automatic cars have more complex systems when compared to manual cars. This means that more parts are needed to repair or maintain the car. It will also be harder and take longer for the mechanic to work on the automatic car. Smash repairs will cost more with automatic cars because there could be more parts needing to be replaced or repaired. 
  • Less fuel efficiency – cars are being built to use fuel more efficiently, but automatic cars will still use more fuel than manual cars. The constant changing shifts without a person manual doing it will mean that fuel is used more. With the systems being more complex, having more parts and being heavier, this will also increase the use of fuel. 
  • Restrictions – in some parts of Australia if a person received their license in an automatic car they will need to take a test to receive a manual license. In NSW, if a person took their P1 test in an automatic car they can only drive automatic. If a person took their P1 test in a manual car they can drive both automatic and manual. A P2 and full licensed individual can drive both manual and automatic regardless of the P1 test. 

Manual and Automatic Car Services

Peninsula Auto Clinic is here to provide car services for both manual and automatic cars to the whole Northern Beaches. Our team have trained to know how to work with both types of cars and correctly operate on them. We will apply the best skills and techniques depending on if the car is manual or automatic. No matter the car though our licensed mechanics will always operate at their best and on each system. 

We offer car service jobs and are also specialists with Car Repair work regardless of the car. Our mechanical services are here for the whole Northern Beaches, including Warriewood, Mona Vale and Avalon.If your manual or automatic car needs work done on it rely on Peninsula Auto Clinic – contact us now on 9999 2553 or email us at