Signs Your Transmission Is Going Out

If your transmission has gone out there are multiple different signs to look out for. The manual transmission or automatic transmission system controls shifting the gears of your car. When a transmission failure occurs Peninsula Auto Clinic is here to perform Car Repair services on your car. It is important that your car’s transmission is working properly to ensure transmission problems do not impact driving safety. 

The most common signs that your transmission has gone out in the car are:

  • Transmission Slipping Gears
  • Delayed Shift in Gears
  • Transmission Fluid Leak
  • Unusual and Uncommon Smells
  • Grinding and Whining Sounds
  • Transmission Warning Light On

Signs Your Transmission Is Going Out Peninsula Auto Clinic

What are the Main Signs of a Broken Transmission?

It is important to have the transmission system repaired before the problem becomes a safety hazard and repairs become expensive. That is why knowing the signs of a bad transmission system can help prevent costly transmission repairs. Here are the main signs of your transmission system failing and why it might be happening:

  • Transmission Slipping Gears – the clutch system will help with engaging and separating new gears. The clutch will often expect wear and tear during its lifetime which could mean that the transmission is affected. The gears will slip more easily causing them to change to a different gear. Low fluid in the transmission system can also cause the gears to slip more often. 
  • Delayed Shift in Gears – when the gears take longer to shift this can be from low transmission fluids levels. This issue can lead to the system overheating and can damage the internal parts of the transmission. 
  • Transmission Fluid Leak – the fluid of the transmission is what helps lubricate the system and ensure parts move smoothly. If there is a leak in the system then a red fluid would be seen under the car. If the fluid leak is not repaired then the chance of a blown and damaged transmission increases. The transmission fluid is also extremely hot which is also highly dangerous.
  • Unusual and Uncommon Smells – unusual smells, specifically burning smells, are often caused by leaking fluid or low fluid levels. Noticing the smells and leaks early will help limit the chance of the transmission being damaged. 
  • Grinding and Whining Sounds – noises which come from the transmission often mean that the gears are being damaged or there is a low fluid level. 
  • Transmission Warning Light On – most newer cars will have sensors built within to detect if there is a problem with the transmission. It is important to regularly check the engine light as there could be a problem with the transmission, such as fluid leaks. 

How Much Does it Cost to Repair the Transmission?

It is always recommended that a fully qualified mechanic undergoes the repairs of the transmission system. Each mechanic will have different labour costs and to perform the auto repair will vary depending on the type of job. On average, to repair the transmission system it can go up to $330. Replacing parts is when the transmission repair will become more expensive:

  • Transmission Solenoid Replacement – small electrical parts called the solenoids are what shift gears with the system. If these need to be replaced then they can be as little as $20 or go up to $400.
  • Front Seal Replacement – this seal keeps the transmission fluid from entering the input shaft and other parts of the engine. If these need to be replaced then they can cost from $500 to $1300. 
  • Valve Body Replacement – if the valve body experiences an issue, such as cracks, leak or electrical faults, then replacements can cost from $900 to $1300. 
  • Transmission Mount Replacement – when the transmission mount becomes loose or damaged then this issue can lead to more serious complications. To have the transmission mount replaced then it can cost from $60 and up to $260. 
  • Full Transmission Replacement – if the whole transmission is going to be replaced then this is extremely expensive. When the replacement is needed or wanted, then expect to pay an average $3000 or up to $8000 or more.
  • Transmission Rebuild – when the car’s transmission will be rebuilt instead of completely replaced then this can range from $1100 to $2800. 

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Is it Worth to Fix a Transmission?

With the costs of replacing a transmission being expensive sometimes buying a new car just makes more sense. Here are the steps to take before deciding whether or not to fix your car’s transmission:

  1. Mechanical Diagnosis – a licensed mechanic will inspect the transmission to see the type of damage and provide you with quote. If a smash repair is needed as the engine has been destroyed then the transmission will need to be replaced. When the engine is running fine and the fault is in the transmission then costs can be lowered. Knowing the price of how much it would cost to fix transmission issues is important.
  2. Car’s Value – if the car has sentimental value then this will influence a person to fix the transmission regardless of costs. If the car’s actual value is less than how much it would cost to repair the transmission then buying a new car is a more cost-effective
  3. Keep or Sell It – after having the price of the car’s value and cost of the repair then deciding whether to keep the car or not is needed. If it is too expensive and the car is not valued then purchasing a new car might make more sense
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Northern Beaches Transmission Repairs

If your transmission has gone out and a repair is needed Peninsula Auto Clinic is here to help. Our mechanics are the best at repairing the transmission on any car which needs to be repaired or parts replaced. We offer our transmission services to the whole Northern Beaches, including Mona Vale and Narrabeen

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