How Much Does A Car Service Cost?

Finding how much a car service will cost depends on multiple factors. From the type of car, service, location to the labour involved to service your car will alter for each person. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our professional and affordable Car Service is here for all of the Northern Beaches. We factor in the different elements to ensure that our car service is affordable while still reliable.  

The average car service cost is around $150 to $240 where the car and type of service influence the cost. The location will determine how expensive the service is and the mechanics also work at their own rates. Kilometres will also influence the cost of the service and what systems are involved.

How Much Does A Car Service Cost Peninsula Auto Clinic

What Types of Services are Needed?

There are many different jobs and tasks involved in a car service which will be needed at different times. Knowing when to perform each service will keep the car healthy for longer periods of time. The two main types of services are major and minor where these scheduled services have their own jobs. 

Minor Car Services

These services mainly involve car inspection where the systems and parts of a car are closely looked at. Smaller repairs and maintenance jobs, such as filling the tyres with air and replacing fluids, are also performed. Minor services occur more frequently due to being quick, affordable and it inspects the car for any issues. The services are short, use little labour and tools and spare parts replacing old ones are not needed. 

Major Car Service

Major car services are less frequent than minor but cover more elements and include more jobs. There are multiple tasks carried out in the service including the full car. All parts are inspected and worked on to ensure that all systems are working correctly. 

Most major services will include work on the engine, spark plugs, filters, brakes and batteries. All other parts are inspected while road and safety tests are also completed. With there being more labour involved and more jobs this service costs more than a minor but occurs less frequently. 

We recommend reading our blog ‘how often to have a car service’ to understand when the best times for a minor and major service are. 

Kilometres Influencing Service Costs

The more a car is driven and the older it becomes means it becomes more difficult to service. The service parts involved are more expensive as well and the kilometres affect this pricing. Driving for longer distances also means that wear-and-tear is a factor leading to an increase in price. Here is an example of how kilometres can affect the car service cost, this is based on a car which is two years old.

“These are all approximate figures, for a more detailed and accurate quote, please contact our professional mechanics”

Hatchback Car Service Prices

Kilometres Holden Ford
15,000 $230 $275
60,000 $930 $375
150,000 $590 $280
255,000 $350 $280
360,000 $1,640 $375
390,000 $780 $280

Sedan Car Service Prices

Kilometres Holden Ford Toyota
15,000 $280 $270 $170
60,000 $350 $490 $260
150,000 $480 $270 $600
255,000 $340 $270  
360,000 $980 $480  
390,000 $550 $270  

4WD Car Service Prices

Kilometres Holden Ford
15,000 $290 $270
60,000 $420 $280
150,000 $650 $435
255,000 $400 $280
360,000 $960 $420
390,000 $510 $280

Specific Car Systems Service Costs

Each car system will also alter the price of a service, from being included in a full service to having the individual service. The car service cost will change for each system and what repairs or maintenance is performed. Here is a brief list of the different car system services and their prices:

  • Car Windscreen – repairing the windscreen with no technology built into it is often $200-$400. When there are sensors and other technology within the windscreen the service can rise up to $1200. 
  • Wheel Alignment Service – to ensure that the wheels are parallel to each other, the wheel alignment service ranges from $50-$150 depending on the car’s size. 
  • Car Window Tinting – tinting the windows all together can cost $200 to $500 where one window is averaged $70. 
  • Timing Belt Service – this type of service is one of the more expensive averaging at $500 to $1000. As it takes more time and labour to complete this is why the timing belt service is often more expensive.
  • Engine Service – to service an engine it often costs from $150-$300. There are multiple parts of the engine which also make it more prone to issues which can lead to more expensive repairs.
  • Car Detailing Service – detailing the car can range from $60 up to $300 depending on the type of detail. The amount of cleaning, polishing and other types of tasks influence the service cost. 
  • Clutch Service – the clutch service can be as low of $50 and rise up to $2000. This is because the amount of work involved and repairs needed can mean that much more labour is required. 
  • Air Conditioning Service – to service and repair the air conditioning it can cost from $120 to $1400. The amount of labour involved and how many parts are repaired or replace increase the price of the aircon service. 

Trusted and Affordable Car Services

The car service cost with Peninsula Auto Clinic is the best within all of the Northern Beaches. Our fully qualified mechanics can service any car while performing the job professionally. Each service is affordable where we work at our best and ensure the service is completed properly. 

Our Car Repair service is here for the Northern Beaches where we will professionally repair any car. We are the best Northern Beaches mechanic to perform a car service, especially for Palm Beach, Mona Vale and Bilgola. For trusted car services that are affordable – contact Peninsula Auto Clinic on 9999 2553 or email us at