Broken Exhaust Repairs – Everything You Need To Know!

A car’s exhaust system is important so an exhaust repair should occur when issues arise. This type of repair service will make sure that the exhaust parts and systems are working correctly. Knowing the warning signs to recognise issues early will help prevent future major exhaust difficulties. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our mechanics are here with our Car Repair service to ensure all exhausts work perfectly.  

An exhaust repair fixes a broken exhaust system where a repair or replacement of parts occurs. A defected exhaust can cause multiple issues, such as decreased fuel efficiency, loud noises and horrible smells. Mechanics working on the repair ensure that each section of the exhaust is inspected and all repairs are completed correctly. 

Broken Exhaust Repairs Everything You Need To Know Peninsula Auto Clinic

What is a Car’s Exhaust System?

The exhaust system is responsible for reducing engine noise as well as pollution. It also helps with the overall performance of the car while keeping harmful gases from entering the atmosphere. The main parts of the exhaust are the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, exhaust pipe, oxygen sensor and muffler. 

The manifold is what provides an effective connection with the exhaust system and the engine. It includes multiple different pipes and cylinders to reflect the engine ensuring the systems connect. The catalytic converter is what will filter out the carbon monoxide and other harmful exhaust gases.

The muffler decreases the noise levels of the exhaust where the oxygen sensor controls the air and fuel ratio. Also, the exhaust pipe is what will directly flow out the remaining engine and exhaust gases. 

Signs of a Damaged Exhaust

When the exhaust system is experiencing any issues there are many signs and symptoms to look out for:

  • Loud Exhaust System – one of the more obvious and common signs of a broken exhaust is when the exhaust is much louder than it should be. Cracks and breaks within the exhaust can result in an exhaust lea often leading to an increase in noise levels. Hissing, tapping and rattling sounds are common as well when accelerating.
  • Decreased Engine Power – the exhaust leak from cracks and other breaks can lead to the exhaust and engine losing power. Additionally, corroded pipes might also be the result of the exhaust issue. A decrease in power and also fuel efficacy and acceleration can be a result of a damaged exhaust. Noticing that the car is not driving correctly, the exhaust can be the main issue. 
  • Terrible Smells – issues with the exhaust tubes can cause a raw gasoline type smell to develop. These smells which are not normal are a good indicator that the exhaust needs to be repaired.   
  • Dragging or Hanging Pipe – if seeing that the exhaust pipe is hanging or dragging then this is an obvious sign. This type of issue should be noticeable quickly as they can be seen while also creating scraping noises. 

Exhaust issues are often more recognisable when compared to other systems, identifying the issues early is important to prevent future costly repairs. 

How Much Does it Cost to Fix an Exhaust System?

Repairing the exhaust system will depend on the mechanic performing the job and how much labour is involved. The car type/ model and also the type of exhaust system will influence the costs further. On average, to repair an exhaust system it can cost from $150 up to $1150. The price will increase if the system is severely damaged, if replacements need happening and the difficulty of the job. 

Our exhaust repairs are affordable while trusted and professional – call us on 9999 2553 for more information on our prices! 

Can You Drive with a Broken Exhaust?

While driving a car when the exhaust is broken is possible there are major issues which can develop quickly. Being both unsafe and illegal, driving with a broken exhaust can be extremely risky. From small cracks in the system to the whole exhaust pipe dragging on the floor, quick repairs are needed. The exhaust repair Car Service is highly recommended to happen as soon as exhaust problems are identified. 

Dangers of a Broken Exhaust

There are many dangers and problems which can come from a broken exhaust:

  • Legal Issues – because the exhaust is in a damaged state this can cause issues and complications with the law. A safe drivable car is needed and when a person drives an unsafe car this is not acceptable. Fines can be applied if it is found that you have been driving the car while the exhaust is defective.
  • Health Risks and Hazards – with the many issues which can develop from a broken exhaust this can be hazardous and risky to a person’s health. One of the main problems is the harmful gas not being removed as it would in a healthy exhaust. This can cause people with the car to feel dizzy, become unwell and nauseous. 
  • Larger Fuel Costs – as the exhaust helps remove harmful fuels, it being damaged will impact its ability to do this. As a result, the exhaust system will be under more pressure and the fuel will not be used as efficiently. This means that the amount of fuel needed will be increased and more often your car will need it. 

Professional Exhaust Repair Services

Peninsula Auto Clinic has been providing top quality exhaust repair services for over 25 years. Our fully qualified mechanics are able to efficiently and effectively resolve all complications with the exhaust system. We are able to work on all car’s while easily able to operate with all kinds of exhaust systems. We promise that when needing a reliable Northern Beaches mechanic to repair the exhaust we are the most trusted. 

Our exhaust repairs are offered to all of the Northern Beaches, including Church Point, Elanora and Bilgola. We also encourage reading our blog ‘how often should you service your car’ for reliable recommendations on when to have a car service. 

Located on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale, Peninsula Auto Clinic is here for the Northern Beaches with professional exhaust repair services – contact us today!