Car Tuneup – How It Works?

A car tuneup is a service which occurs every 160,000km and includes work on the ignition and fuel systems. Replacing the spark plugs, installing new filters, inspecting the auxiliary systems and maintaining fluids levels are some jobs included. The tuneup service is performed by a licensed mechanic and is averaged at $200 up to $1700. 

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What is Involved in a Tuneup Service?

There are four main areas or parts of the ignition and fuel systems which are worked on during the service. 

Ignition System Tuneups

The ignition system of the car, which includes the plug wires, spark plugs, coils and other electrical parts, are serviced. The spark plugs are checked to see if they have worn and if they need replacing. A specific metal plug will be needed when replacing the spark plugs which is often found in the owner’s manual. 

The spark plug wires, or the ignition wires, will stop being effective the more the car is driven and will need replacing. Each new wire is replaced carefully through correctly travelling them through specific areas. 

When the coils start to wear the engine might misfire or the ability to accelerate decreases. It is important that the right coils are fitted in to make sure that they function correctly. If the wrong coils are installed then the car will fail and costly repairs might be needed.

In the distributor cap and rotor the metal contact points wear down potentially leading to the car struggling to start. The tuneup service will often have both the cap and rotor replaced to prevent the ignition system from failing. 

Engine Filters Tuneups

Filters within the car include the air, oil, cabin air and fuel filters, keeping the engine clear of harmful contaminants. It is important to have the filters clean to ensure that they can keep the engine clean and healthy. It will also improve the efficiency and performance of the engine when the car runs. This is because a blocked filter will decrease the car’s ability to deliver oil, fuel or air at the correct pressure. 

Belts and Hoses

The belts and hoses of the car can be damaged and wear down the more the car is driven. Including the serpentine belt, belt tensioner, timing belt and the various hoses, these need to be correctly serviced. The parts are often replaced during the service as the old ones become brittle and weak. When these are not replaced in time they can fail when driving and the car will not function correctly. 

Car Fluids

The fluids within the ignition and fuel systems should be replaced and topped up to keep the systems efficient. These include the automatic transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid and the engine oil and coolant. When these are replaced they often save the concern of potential costly car repairs. 

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Tune?

Depending on the car’s state and the mechanic working, a tuneup can cost different for each person. A smaller and more minimal tuneup often is priced at $60 to $200. This will usually include replacements of the spark plugs and inspections of each system. A general tuneup which is more common to perform costs from $300 to $1200 where the amount of labour increases the price. 

Labour hourly rates can further these costs and the number of parts and tools needed will also influence the cost. Having a car tuned is recommended to occur at least every 160,000km the car is driven. It is recommended as well that a tuneup should occur yearly to guarantee that the systems are functioning correctly. 

If curious to know what a general car service costs our blog provides further information. 

What are the Benefits of a Car Tuneup?

The main benefits which come with tuning the car are:

  • Efficiency of the Car – the car will drive more efficiently when the fuel and ignition systems are working perfectly. The reliability that the car will drive safely is also present due to these systems running correctly. 
  • Fuel Economy – when the ignition and fuel systems are working correctly then less fuel is needed. The systems work properly and will not have to work harder to deliver the needed jobs. This means that the systems will not need or use as much fuel as it would if the parts we wore down. 
  • Reduce Emissions – with filters and other parts working incorrectly then ore fumes will be released into the environment. 

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