Differences Between Auto Mechanics and Diesel Mechanics?

There are many similarities and differences between an auto mechanic and a diesel mechanic. The main difference is what type of vehicle each motor mechanic operates on. The type of work is similar, in terms of services and repairs, but the specific jobs will be largely different. Peninsula Auto Clinic offers the best automotive mechanics within the Northern Beaches and can reliably recommend professional diesel mechanics in the area. 

Diesel mechanics work with heavy vehicles, including buses and trucks, while auto mechanics work with light vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles. Each mechanic will carry out a wide range of repair work, specialised services and maintenance checks on the specific vehicles. Auto mechanics will need to complete a Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology (AUR30616) and an apprenticeship. Diesel mechanics will need to undergo a diesel mechanic apprenticeship and a Certificate III in Automotive Diesel Engine Technology (AUR31516).

Differences Between Auto Mechanics And Diesel Mechanics

What Does an Auto Mechanic and a Diesel Mechanic Do?

Each mechanic works with motor vehicles and completes mechanical services for these vehicles. Auto mechanics will operate with light vehicles, which includes vehicles that don’t reach a Gross Vehicle Mass of 4.5 tonnes. Heavy vehicles, worked on by a heavy diesel mechanic, are vehicles that exceed the Gross Vehicle Mass of 4.5 tonnes. 

Auto Mechanic Jobs

The main types of work that auto mechanics undergo on light vehicles are:

  • Perform Car Repair work to ensure systems are correctly working
  • Carry out minor and major car services where the whole vehicle is properly worked on
  • Issue out Pink Slips for vehicles’ registration purposes
  • Perform replacement services, such as batteries or oil changes
  • Undergo proper vehicle inspections to find existing or potential faults with the vehicle

To know more about what an auto mechanic does we highly recommend reading our blog article with more details and examples. 

Diesel Mechanic Jobs

Working with heavy vehicles will mean that the common jobs a diesel mechanic will perform are:

  • Diagnose major or minor issues with the heavy vehicle, from using software tools to inspecting under the car
  • Carry out regular inspections to make sure the whole vehicle is working correctly and no issue can influence the performance and safety of the vehicle
  • Repairing any system or part with the heavy vehicle, including the transmission, engine and tyres
  • Performing car services and maintenance work, such as brake inspections, oil changes, tyre rotations and refrigerant refills

How to Become an Auto and Diesel Mechanic?

The path to becoming either an auto mechanic or a diesel mechanic is similar but they focus on the specific jobs. Each needs an apprenticeship to be completed so the individual can gain real life skills and experience while studying. The course the person takes and what classes and subjects they offer will be different as well. The general subjects taught are similar, such as how to diagnose mechanical problems, but knowing how to perform these tasks on the specific vehicle is what separates them. 

Auto Mechanics Training

Formal training with an apprenticeship is needed to become a licensed auto mechanic. The apprenticeship will be under the guidance of a qualified mechanic and the trainee will gain real-life skills in the trade. A Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology (AUR30616) is where the individual will learn about working as an auto mechanic. 

Our blog ‘mechanic apprenticeship job task and description’ offers more details on the apprenticeship side of becoming an auto mechanic. 

Diesel Mechanics Training

Similar to training to become an auto mechanic, diesel mechanics need formal training with an apprenticeship to be certified. The Certificate III in Automotive Diesel Engine Technology (AUR31516) is where knowing how to work as a heavy vehicle mechanic is taught. What tools, vehicles, services and more that are involved in the job are learnt. 

The apprenticeship is where the individual will work alongside a professional diesel mechanic and practice what they are taught in the education program. Gaining real life experience and completing TAFE alongside an experienced professional will help the trainee to know how it feels to work in the trade. 

What are the Differences Between Auto Mechanics and Diesel Mechanics?

  Auto Mechanic Diesel Mechanic
Types of Vehicles Worked On Vehicles with a GVM less than 4.5 tonnes, such as:CarsMotorcyclesVanScooter Motorcycle Scooter Vehicles with a GVM of more than 4.5 tonnes, such as:BusesTractorsTrucksCranesGarbage Trucks
Training Program Completing a Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology (AUR30616) with an apprenticeship  Certificate III in Automotive Diesel Engine Technology (AUR31516) with an apprenticeship 

Trusted Auto Mechanic For The Northern Beaches

Our auto mechanic team here at Peninsula Auto Clinic are fully licensed professionals who will perform work on any light vehicle. We have over 25 years of experience working as an auto mechanical service and offer a large variety of services. Each certified mechanic will operate safely on each vehicle and ensure the service is completed in the shortest possible time. 
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