Mechanic Apprenticeship Job Tasks & Description

A mechanic apprenticeship is a four year apprenticeship program aiming to help a person develop their skills in the mechanical field. From understanding how to perform basic service and repairs to learning the most complicated mechanic jobs, an apprentice mechanic will learn multiple skills. The automotive mechanic apprenticeship is under the guidance of a qualified motor mechanic and goes alongside a person’s training in TAFE. Our team here at Peninsula Auto Clinic are qualified vehicle mechanics and will carry out any service on any motor vehicle. 

Within a mechanic apprenticeship the main skills and jobs learnt under the guidance of a certified and full-time mechanic are:

  • Carrying out car repairs and replacements of car parts 
  • knowing exactly how to treat any issue within any car model
  • Diagnosing current or potential issues while knowing how to properly examine each system and part
  • Understanding how to use mechanical tools and technical equipment, including understanding how to read the car’s computer system
  • Knowing how to correctly service a car and perform specific tasks depending on the type of service
  • Performing a safety inspection and testing the various components of the car

Mechanic Apprenticeship Job Tasks Description

What is a Mechanic Apprenticeship?

When wanting to become a licensed mechanic, the Certificate III or II in Automotive Electrical Technology has the requirements to undergo an apprenticeship. A mechanic apprenticeship is a type of apprenticeship that focuses on working with and gaining skills in the mechanical trade. The apprenticeship will be carried out alongside the TAFE or other Registered Training Organisation course and lasts  four years. 

The individual studying to become a mechanic will work with a licensed and qualified mechanic in their auto shop. This is where they will gain their skills and knowledge practically and in real life situations. All of this is under the guidance of the professional mechanic, teaching them how to successfully perform the tasks. 

What Jobs are Performed in a Mechanic Apprenticeship?

The main jobs learnt during a mechanic apprenticeship are:

Car Repairs

A major part of being a mechanic is repairing cars and replacing specific parts. Car repairs are important to know how to complete properly and the apprenticeship will teach exactly this. Knowing what tools to use for the specific repair job, car model and system or part is learnt. Some car repair jobs can include aligning wheels, repairing broken air conditioners, fixing engine errors to installing new lights. 

Car Diagnosis

Mechanical diagnosis is where a mechanic will look over the car to find out what the exact issue is. This is important to learn alongside car repairs as diagnosing the problem before is needed. The apprentice will learn what and how they will need to find problems and how this can lead to repairing the issue. For example, if a person has noticed that their fuel efficiency has decreased then finding out what system is causing this issue will occur. 

Skills and Tools

Knowing how to utilise the wide range of tools mechanics use is learnt during the mechanic apprenticeship. How to use hand tools, diagnosing equipment and repair tools are all learnt within the apprenticeship. This can include how to read a car’s computer by connecting the car to the mechanic’s computer. 

Car Service

Performing a car service is another major job incorporated in being a mechanical worker. This includes knowing what different jobs to perform during a minor and major car service. Understanding how to perform more specific services, such as an oil change or auto transmission service, is also important. 

Safety Inspection and Tests

A vehicle inspection will have a mechanic look over every part of the car and inspect for any problems or safety issues. The mechanic trainee will understand how to correctly look over each part and how to do so. Vehicle inspections are also involved in a car service, along with other tasks such as pink slips, which is why knowing how to perform them properly is needed. 

What Skills are Developed Mechanic Apprenticeships?

Along with learning how to carry out certain jobs, the skills learnt when undergoing a mechanic apprenticeship are:

  • The ability to read and understand different car manuals and pieces of technical information
  • Learning how to problem solve when an error arises
  • Becoming better at communicating with fellow workers, especially when a group task comes us
  • Knowing how to communicate with customers and deliver information on what is happening with their car 
  • Becoming organised, focused, patent and better at handling stressful situations
  • Developing skills with tools and using your hands when working on mechanical tasks

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Professional Northern Beaches Mechanics

Peninsula Auto Clinic offers a wide range of great services relating to motor and light vehicles. Each qualified worker a part of our team has completed the needed courses and mechanic apprenticeship to know how to carry out a variety of tasks. Along with our 25 years of experience in the mechanical field, we promise that no matter the mechanical job we will perform it professionally and safely. Our trusted mechanics are here to work for any Northern Beaches driver, including Newport, Warriewood and Ingleside. We are located at 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale and will carry out any mechanical service and repair on any car type.