Cabin Air Filter Replacements – Everything You Need To Know

The cabin air filter is the filter that belongs to your car’s air conditioning. Similar to the engine air filters help clean the air that flows from the air conditioner ventilation system. Working and clean cabin filters improve the air quality of the car, removing dust, pollen and other debris. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic we are here to help as we offer some of the best cabin air filter replacements and cabin air filter repairs for the Northern Beaches. 

Most car manufacturers recommend that a cabin air filter should be replaced every 25,000km – 50,000km. As they help keep the air conditioning system efficient, replacing the filter should occur when they need to be. An auto mechanic should complete the service to ensure the broken or dirty filter can be correctly removed and fixed.

Cabin Air Filter Replacements Everything You Need To Know

What is a Cabin Air Filter?

The cabin air filter is in charge of cleaning and filtering the air of the HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) system of a car. It is made of multi-fibre paper cotton and other materials while being small and pleated. Dust, dirt, pollution, bacteria, pollen and exhaust gases are all prevented from entering the car through the cabin air filter. Small bugs, leaves and other types of debris are also prevented as well. 

Keeping fresh air inside the car is the main job of the cabin filter, along with ensuring the aircon unit remains clear. Only the cleanest air will run throughout the car’s air conditioning and also to the whole car. 

How Often Should I Replace the Cabin Air Filter?

It is recommended that the cabin air filter should be replaced after 25,000km – 50,000km or annually. In places that have high pollution or dust levels then every 8,000km – 20,000km the filters should be replaced more frequently Allergies and pollen can also increase the need to replace the cabin filters to ensure fresh air enters the car. 

What Can Happen if the Cabin Air Filter is Not Replaced?

The main concern that comes with not replacing a dirty air filter inside the car’s aircon is clogging issues. A clogged filter may be from dirt and debris build up and can limit how effective the filter can work. Blocked cabin filters will cause:

  • Decrease in the efficiency of the cabin filter in removing dirt and other debris from the aircon air
  • Lower the volume of air that comes out of the air conditioner
  • Increases the chance of a foul odour forming inside the car when the air conditioner is in use
  • The chance of mould and mildew growing inside the car’s air conditioning and eventually entering the car’s air and affecting the air quality 
  • Need for a major Car Repair as the filter may have caused other elements of the car’s ac unit to break

What are Some Signs of a Cabin Air Filter Replacement?

The main signs to look out for that indicate the need to replace the cabin air filter are:

  • Poor Airflow – if the air that flows from the vents is weaker and not as strong then the cabin filter may be to blame. Dirty and contaminated filters will struggle to properly allow air to flow through them. This restricted air flow means that when the aircon is used in the car it will not have as much power.
  • Unusual Odours – strange odours that occur when the air conditioner is turned on may be from a fault cabin air filter. With the dirt and potential mould build up from a clogged filter this can cause unusual smells. The more an air conditioner is used in the car means that the smell will only get stronger.
  • Increased Fan Noises – soft sounds should occur when a properly working aircon is turned on in the car. If the cabin filter is broken or clogged then the aircon might be noisier than usual. As it is harder for the aircon system to work and for debris to be filtered out this will increase the noise which the aircon creates. 
  • Icy or Foggy Windows – as the cabin air filter increases the airflow of the air conditioning unit it helps to clear any fog that is formed on windows. Failing cabin filters will not be able to create good airflow. This decrease in the airflow means that the aircon will not be as effective at removing the condensation on the windows. If the car’s windows remain foggy or icy for longer amounts of time then the cabin filter may be to blame. 
  • Poor Heating and Cooling – if the car does not warm up or cool down then this might be because of the cabin filter. The blockage with the filter will overall lead to the air conditioner not being able to function properly. The system might overwork and parts can easily break, ultimately leading to a decrease in cooling and heating efficiency. 

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Professional Cabin Air Filter Repairs and Replacements

Peninsula Auto Clinic offers the Northern Beaches with our trusted cabin air filter replacements and cabin air filter repairs. Our fully qualified mechanics operate on any car type to ensure that the cabin filter is repaired and replaced efficiently. Each step of the service is completed safely and by utilising professional tools and techniques. Our mechanics will work swiftly as well to repair or replace the cabin air filter in the shortest amount of time.
We offer our cabin filter services to every Northern Beaches suburb, including Mona Vale, Bilgola and Terrey Hills. Our Car Service work is offered to all locals for us to completely and correctly service any vehicle. For trusted and professional cabin air filter services – rely on Peninsula Auto Clinic located on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale!