Are Long Trips Good For Your Car?

Long trips are neither bad nor good for your car but doing certain actions ensures the car remains safe and well. From fuelling up when needed to ensuring the car has had service before the trip, it is important the car works correctly before driving it. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our Northern Beaches mechanic team will perform a Car Service for any local before a long trip. Our mechanic services ensure that your car is serviced and repaired before the journey and is guaranteed safe to drive.

For long trips,  there are certain actions to take to ensure e it is safe to drive:

  • Undergo a car service by a mechanic before the long trip
  • Check the temperature gauge and if the car is overheating then pull over
  • Ensure there is enough water, coolant, fluids and lubricants within the car
  • Often it takes between 8 to 9 hours before the car needs refuelling so keep this in mind
  • Make sure to take breaks every 2 hours for the driver’s health and safety

Are Long Trips Good For Your Car


Frequently Questions and Answers with Long Car Trips

Are long trips bad for my car?Long car trips will not be bad for the car if it has been serviced and checked. If the car has not been serviced in a while then a hidden danger might be present and the trip may make it worse. While the trip will not be bad for the car, not servicing or inspecting the car will cause damage.
How long can I drive my car continuously?Most cars can drive for 8 to 9 hours before the petrol needs to be refilled. The car can drive with no time limit but it will need to be topped up with the proper liquids to do so.
Do cars need rest during long trips?The car itself does not need rest but it is important for the driver to take a rest. Every 2 hours a 15 minute rest stop is vital to keep the driver safe and well. Even though the car does not need mechanical rest it is important the driver does.
How long should my car rest on long trips?Cars will not need to rest on long trips but it is important to constantly check the temperature gauge. When stopping every 2 hours the car will be able to cool down as well which is also beneficial.
Is it bad if I drive my car all day?Long trips will not be bad for the car especially if it has been serviced recently. This is because the car has been checked and if there are issues they would have been repaired. All the liquids, coolants and fluids will also have been topped up ready for the trip.
Can I drive on long trips without stopping?There is no mechanical limit to how far a car can drive but there are certain factors that can limit how often a car needs to stop. Refilling the petrol, ensuring the car does not overheat and the driver needing to rest will influence when the car needs to stop.
Do long trips damage the car?A car can drive all day without being damaged but issues may form, such as the can being overheated or fluids running out which can cause other internal issues to form. Any smells that form or warning lights on the dashboard should also be checked out to ensure car damages do not occur.
Should I rent a car instead for long trips?Renting a car is advised if your car is unsafe or not ready enough to be driven long distances. If the car is also not fuel efficient then renting a car can save money as petrol does not always need to be added. A rental car might also be needed if more room is needed for luggage or to fit more people.
Will the car overheat on long trips?Hidden engine problems, low fluid levels and hot weather are the main causes for the car to overheat. Long trips will often be fine for the car unless the above problems are present.
What do I do if my car overheats while driving?If the car does overheat, turn off the air conditioner, open the windows and pull over whenever possible. Allow the car to cool over 30 minutes and once it has cooled check the fluid levels and see if they need topping up.

Trusted Car Services and Northern Beaches Mechanics

When needing a fully qualified Northern Beaches mechanic to service your car before long trips, Peninsula Auto Clinic is here to help. Our mechanics will make certain to have the car serviced correctly and ensure that it is safe to be driven during the trip. We offer our services, including our Car Repair work, to all Northern Beaches locals, such as Collaroy and Palm Beach. Located here at 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale, our team is here to service your car before any long car trip!